May 27, 2012


كان حلماً منيراً مشرقاً كالنهار
ليته ظل حلماً يا زماني
كنت أغدو كبيراً شامخاً كالمنار
باسماً من دون لا يعادي
أين شردوا الأماني
وفجروا دمع الحنان
ظلمهم قد اصطاد الأماني
أزهري يا ذكرياتي
وانفضي عنكِ سباتي
واستحمي بالنور السامي
…. مابي ….
لا أنسى لحناً شجياً رنان
…. ما بي ….
لا أخرج من ظلمة نفق الأحزان
سوف يحيى هذا الحلم طول الزمان
قبل بعينيّ طول الزمان

I watched Samurai 7 because of the ending song. But come to think about it, I’ve always loved the Arabic cartoon songs sung by Racha Rizk: both lyrics, meaning and voice are bewitching.

May 14, 2012

Because The Dead Shine All Night Long

On rewatch today: Suicide Club.

I remember Z.'s face more than a year ago when I showed her a scene from it. Unlucky for her, it was the one where Genesis sings to his guests.

This movie was a brain-fuck on so many levels:  to not spoil it out and to just give a quick insight, I can say that I simply didn't think puppies could get played with worse than in Gozu. Yet, I once again underestimated the fascinating terrifying creativity that can be put in sadism, gore and perversion.

Time and time again
The sky is blue.
And yet it's strange how people
Seem to always fall in love.
An unfamiliar yellow dog
Keeps grinning as it
Tears us from the ones we love.
Because the dead
Because the dead
Because the dead
Shine all night long.
I want to die
As beautifully as Joan of Arc
Inside a Bresson film.
Lesson one,
Apply the shaving cream
And smile as you then slowly
Slice away the heart.
Because the dead
Because the dead
Because the dead
Shine all night long.
Feel the warmth of the spring rain
As it gently moistens down a cheek
That's streaked
With dried up tears.
A guiless boy but five years old
Stares blankly in the face of death
While the heart
Is cut and torn away.
Because the dead
Because the dead
Because the dead
Shine all night long.

May 12, 2012

Susumu Hirasawa is...

...Someone I keep quiet about. I can certainly be very vocal about sir Uematsu and unsuccessfully try to convey my feelings about his art, but I dead stop and not even try when it comes to Hirasawa san.

And that is all I will ever have to say about this human's art.

May 11, 2012

Kigeki Comedy

If I was a mercenary, I would go for this payment as well.

May 9, 2012

One is a dark angel

One might not count among my favorite characters but One's ambiguous clothing is certainly my favorite.

May 6, 2012

Haruki Murakami is a genius writer.

One of the few books I brought along to Tangier during my internship period:
Thank you S. for bringing it along with you. You helped a critter go further in its addiction. My selves are all grateful.

Haruki Murakami is a pulp fiction genius writer and I promised myself I will only write one sentence about his awesomeness, because I wrote a whole essay describing the reason how I feel this awesome author is awesome and found it so disgusting in its lack of reflecting the awesomeness of the guy that I decided to go for just one sentence instead, and an extract.

 “The encyclopedia wand?” I was evolving into an echo.

“The encyclopedia wand’s a theoretical puzzle, like Zeno’s paradox. The idea is t’engrave the entire encyclopedia onto a single toothpick. Know how you do it?”

“You tell me.”

“You take your information, your encyclopedia text, and you transpose it into numerics. You assign everything a two-digit number, periods and commas included. 00 is a blank, A is 01, B is 02, and so on. Then after you’ve lined them all up, you put a decimal point before the whole lot. So now you’ve got a very long sub-decimal fraction. 0.173000631… Next, you engrave a mark at exactly that point along the toothpick. If 0.50000’s your exact middle on the toothpick, then 0.3333’s got t’be a third of the way from the tip. You follow?”


“That’s how you can fit data of any length in a single point on a toothpick. Only theoretically, of course. No existin’ technology can actually engrave so fine a point. But this should give you a perspective on what tautologies are like. Say time’s the length of your toothpick. The amount of information you can pack into it doesn’t have anything t’do with the length. Make the fraction as long as you want. It’ll be finite, but pretty near eternal. Though if you make it a repeatin’ decimal, why, then it is eternal. You understand what that means? The problem’s the software, no relation to the hardware. It could be a toothpick or a two-hundred-meter timber or the equator - doesn’t matter. Your body dies, your consciousness passes away, but your thought is caught in the one tautological point an instant before, subdividin’ for an eternity. Think about the koan: An arrow is stopped in flight. Well, the death of the body is the flight of the arrow. It’s makin’ a straight line for the brain. No dodgin’ it, not for anyone. People have t’die, the body has t’fall. Time is hurlin’ that arrow forward. And yet, like I was sayin’, thought goes on subdividin’ that time for ever and ever. The paradox becomes real. The arrow never hits.”

“In other words,” I said, “immortality.”

“There you are. Humans are immortal in their thought. Though strictly speakin’, not immortal, but endlessly, asymptotically close to immortal. That’s eternal life.”

May 5, 2012

Lucifer is one of my fav

Look at the majestic wired beast of the mechanical God of Atziluth going against it.

May 3, 2012

We're holding on to that Stigma

There are many things you get away with when you are a child: salting the tea, making someone eat a dirty old Bounty that was stuck under the furniture, making inconsiderate remarks, getting your hand stuck in the biscuits jar, opening your savings pot before summer, staining badly the traditional carpet, eating worms and soil....

But you do NOT get away with watching Belphégor when you are a child: you just don't. Every person that has watched Belphégor knows this and shares a specific bond with others like him or her. We recognize each other and we recognize in each other the symbol. We are here now, it's done, we don't get away with and we do not want to get away with.

Belphégor is part of who we are, a common stigma, a wonderful black utopia of a stigma, we hold it dear, we hold it tight and we contemplate in every aspect of it. You should see for yourself to which extent WE are dedicated.

May 2, 2012

Epic Rap Time

I've quit watching TV since I was 15 years old. I use it if I want to play on my PSOne. If I want to look for entertainment, I just browse the internet, and if I want to watch it some misc. things, Youtube is here for me.

Epic Meal Time is a Canadian crew that makes awesome terrible stupid smart food and then EATS it. DeStorm is a rapper and a vlogger I appreciate.

And both of them made an awesome tune that plays on the loop.

May 1, 2012


Magnificent black utopist.

Basically, it's like having Tanit's sign tattooed on the left side of my brain.


I'm not for the "let's-spread-virtue-in-the-world" mindset but with Sevotharte, I find myself saying: Go wing-cutter go! Those angels do need a purge! Heaven needs a complicated raw demented cleaning creature in A.S. !

Hug Rosiel

A.S. characters have had their share of suffering. Whenever I went through that manga again, I couldn't help shedding tears while virtually hugging many of them tightly. But when it comes to Rosiel, I believe I was in Alexiel's skin completely and wanted badly for that twin of mine to not suffer and have a life, even if it meant rebelling against God itself.

This image captures Rosiel in his surpreme pain and it always makes me to just get him over with life and hug his corpse as long as I can.

And to think that just few years ago, I used to hate that character...


Alexiel is a proeminent character of the A.S. saga and yet, she doesn't show up much. Still, her actions and charisma are strong ripples you feel in the agitated sea of this story and many are gravitating around her.

I often wish Setsuna would have been eaten away and Alexiel would take off the spotlight.

I pray for your happiness

A friend once wrote as a birthday greeting: "I wish for you what you wish for yourself". It was neat and accurate for someone like me.

Still, I strongly believe that in the end, just like A.S.'s, you can pray for people to be happy and to meet again.

I pray for you to be happy and that we meet again.

Neat as well.

Sacred Spirit Yeha Noha

Shaa nin'anoh 'aah, ye' iitsoh jininaa lei, nin'an oh 'aah..

My alarm clock, beautiful just beautiful. When I listen to such music, it reminds me for days how our world is beautiful and fascinating and worth everything, everything.

Bad angel

Bad Sandalphon! Bad, bad Sandalphon!

But he's gorgeous.


Nice job being so plain and superficial, A.S. God!

I have a great appreciation for Kaori's works but what she gives with her imagination and creative stories takes it back with many of her characters' construction: let's not mention the stereotypes and irritating casts but Yuki! Why is your vision of God so "simple"?

Still, she went out there and shared it so I'm clapping for that. And since A.S., she has grown as a mangaka, gained more insight and intelligence. So, it's no biggie in the end.