Nov 30, 2012

Aarti Shri Ramayanji Ki

Back to Nigerudo, :D I tried asking my auntie and she knew instantly about it!

1.This  is the worship  of Sri Ramayana, the simple  and the simple song praising   the darling of Sita,
This was sung by  sage  Narada, the son of Brahma , Valmiki who is greatly wise,
This was sung by  sages Suka, Sanaka and others, the serpent king Sesha and son of wind God,
2.This was sung by Vedas, eighteen Puranas, six Shastras  as it is the  summary of them all,
This  was the wealth  of all sages and protector of all who read it ,who all agree to its essence,
3.This  was always sung by  Lord Shiva, Goddess Bhavani, the famous  sage born out of the pot,
Sage Vyasa and other sages sang all that  which is in the heart of  Sidha Kakabujundar  and Garuda ,
4.It removes the ills  of Kali age , does not deal with essence of sensuality  and is the great decoration of  dame salvation,

It cures the  disease of birth –death cycle and  is the father and mother  of Thulasidas


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