Dec 26, 2012

Last Visit to the Church

Before my departure, Anu asked that we go for the last time to the christian church. She's not Christian but since she believes in God's love, any temple is good to pray for the supreme being.

Those daily visits to the Church. Then the lemon tea and the discussions that whirl around the same subject.   The night scooter rides where we have to pretend to be boys so no one will follow us on a car or a motorcycle. The evening workouts and morning swimming sessions. Squatting everytime we go to the bathroom, craving eggs with whole wheat bread together. Daily nagging over wasting time on playing instead of sightseeing. Ending up on a walk or a ride, talking together instead of sightseeing. The astrologer. 

Gosh I hate missing. I will hate missing you. In fact, I'm hating to miss you from now.


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