Dec 10, 2012

Let's Get Lost

Let's take a random bus, let's see where it will take us, make it until the final stop and then take it back again because now we know where we want to start.

Let's get lost and end up in a park with a small artificial lake, let's have a boat ride, let's eat fruits and  drink coconut water. Let's get pictures taken by someone who doesn't know a word of English, let's buy books and walk for four hours. Let's eat idli and buy the recipient idli batter cooks into knowing perfectly well it CAN'T follow back to Morocco. Let's wonder about the smells and get into the temples, let's buy flowers for the Gods and feel all fuzzy warm whenever a Hanuman's temple is encountered. Let's take a rickshaw, let's go to saree's shops, let's try this food and that one and that one too and not care for what Sid will put this body through afterwards.

Let's get lost and be grateful and pet crows and monkeys and dogs. Let's be careful though.


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