Dec 19, 2012

The Hobbit

No 3D on this movie today, but boy do I love me some asexual characters actually focused on the adventure.

I need to be honest though: I wasn't looking forward for this particular adaptation: LoTR was an awesome thing and The Hobbit isn't a trilogy material, evenless a tale for adults with characters and connections - specially romantic ones - being forced and displayed. For me, the Hobbit will always be associated with that serene quiet childish illustrations, not the movie poster one, specially NOT the movie poster one!

But the tale had a certainly dark dynamic to it. The landscapes, as expected when filmed in New Zealand, were STUNNING and it all wasn't bad at all with the acting of the dwarves.

I was never fond of dwarves. I'm all for hobbits.

But here I was cheering for the merry companions and their leader, the one actor I was not expecting to be cast on this movie. The one favorite actor that is moreover.

Most of the fuss made over this production and that I've heard of is over the camera technology used in filming it. I watched it on regular screen so 80% of the reasons why I should watch it was gone.

Still, god I do love me asexual hobbits and Armitage on a different height.


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