Dec 31, 2012

That's what I'm talking about

It is what I'm talking about!
Discovering Whispering Corridors and finding out there is still some horror that scares me.

Or I can do my triathletism track and get my HR at 160.

55 minutes until the new year. Well 2013, let's see if you can fill the shoes of 2012.

Dec 30, 2012

Look Within Instead of Outside

Zeitgeist: The Addendum on rewatch with some Bangalorian zeitgeist supporters. It feels really weird to watch the Zeitgeist series with someone, even more supporters of the project. Nonetheless, thank you people.

In the end, the most relevant change must occur first inside of you. The true revolution is the revolution of consciousness. To understand is to transform what it is.

 Zeitgeist : The Addendum

The project encouraging critical thinking gets blindly embraced. A cunning intellectual paradox.

Dec 26, 2012

Last Visit to the Church

Before my departure, Anu asked that we go for the last time to the christian church. She's not Christian but since she believes in God's love, any temple is good to pray for the supreme being.

Those daily visits to the Church. Then the lemon tea and the discussions that whirl around the same subject.   The night scooter rides where we have to pretend to be boys so no one will follow us on a car or a motorcycle. The evening workouts and morning swimming sessions. Squatting everytime we go to the bathroom, craving eggs with whole wheat bread together. Daily nagging over wasting time on playing instead of sightseeing. Ending up on a walk or a ride, talking together instead of sightseeing. The astrologer. 

Gosh I hate missing. I will hate missing you. In fact, I'm hating to miss you from now.

Nameless puppy, nameless puppy...

On Rewatch this evening: Strange Circus, one of the few jewels where you get to understand what is going on.

Namae no nai koinu ga watashi wo surete yuku.Namae no nai koinu ga watashi wo tabe ni kuru. Namae no nai koinu ga watashi wo ni ai ni kuru....

Dec 23, 2012


A Vampire Hunter D Marathon and I don't see how I am going to finish it - at least quickly - if I am to read over again a novel once I'm done with it instead of moving on.

I don't move on, I just obsess and stay static. But I'm INFERNO on the spot.

Dec 20, 2012

We're connected

"The fabric of the natural world, from human biology, earthly biosphere to the gravitational pull of the solar system itself is one huge interconnected system. Fully interlinked just as human cells connect to create organs, and our organs connect to form our bodies, and since all organisms cannot live without food, air and water; we are all intrinsically connected to the earth."

Dec 19, 2012

The Hobbit

No 3D on this movie today, but boy do I love me some asexual characters actually focused on the adventure.

I need to be honest though: I wasn't looking forward for this particular adaptation: LoTR was an awesome thing and The Hobbit isn't a trilogy material, evenless a tale for adults with characters and connections - specially romantic ones - being forced and displayed. For me, the Hobbit will always be associated with that serene quiet childish illustrations, not the movie poster one, specially NOT the movie poster one!

But the tale had a certainly dark dynamic to it. The landscapes, as expected when filmed in New Zealand, were STUNNING and it all wasn't bad at all with the acting of the dwarves.

I was never fond of dwarves. I'm all for hobbits.

But here I was cheering for the merry companions and their leader, the one actor I was not expecting to be cast on this movie. The one favorite actor that is moreover.

Most of the fuss made over this production and that I've heard of is over the camera technology used in filming it. I watched it on regular screen so 80% of the reasons why I should watch it was gone.

Still, god I do love me asexual hobbits and Armitage on a different height.

Dec 15, 2012

Mr. Nobody

On rewatch lately.

I remember clearly -partially because I have an effing good memory - when I was introduced to this movie some years ago:

- Have you ever watched Mr. Nobody?
- No but I'm sure it's amazing.
- You didn't even watch it.
- You did, so I'm sure it's good.
- But I didn't say I watched it.
- You don't talk about stuff you didn't try before.
- I do speak of stuff I haven't tried before.
- When it comes to movies and anime? You've never spoken about any that you haven't watched.
- True.
- Don't worry, I just happen to trust your taste. Until now, it didn't fail me.

Poor boy, but he had a zen attitude about it.

Dec 12, 2012

At Nandita's Shelter

Nandita's place is a hole in time and space. Sun gently brushes the colors. I get to wear her gift socks with toes in. I read my book, play my game, and we talk and talk and talk. We eat the homemade food. Her mom puts prayersand good intentions and peace in them. Her dad is quiet and interesting, his presence is felt without the need of uttering a word. Her parents are dear to me, extremely dear to me. It's burdens me more and more when I think I'm leaving soon. But I'm thankful, I'm grateful for all the gifts that have been bestowed upon me, yesterday, today and tomorrow. And leaving did me good, and it will do so once more.

Our talks. That dinner we took at Columbia hospital because their thali and their food is so damn good. Riding on your scooter. Your cutiepie advice. How open and good and generous you were to me. How beautiful and compassionate. Our yoginis talks. The pranic healing sessions and courses. The talks, the talks, the talks, the talks, your work that screams and hugs the heart, the green of your bathroom, the sun in your eyes, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything...

Dec 10, 2012

Let's Get Lost

Let's take a random bus, let's see where it will take us, make it until the final stop and then take it back again because now we know where we want to start.

Let's get lost and end up in a park with a small artificial lake, let's have a boat ride, let's eat fruits and  drink coconut water. Let's get pictures taken by someone who doesn't know a word of English, let's buy books and walk for four hours. Let's eat idli and buy the recipient idli batter cooks into knowing perfectly well it CAN'T follow back to Morocco. Let's wonder about the smells and get into the temples, let's buy flowers for the Gods and feel all fuzzy warm whenever a Hanuman's temple is encountered. Let's take a rickshaw, let's go to saree's shops, let's try this food and that one and that one too and not care for what Sid will put this body through afterwards.

Let's get lost and be grateful and pet crows and monkeys and dogs. Let's be careful though.

Dec 7, 2012

Nuclear Power

I feel almost ashamed for working out to this song.
I feel  it is not even the kind of song I want to be catchy and dance instigating.
In fact, I don't remember ever listening to Bob Dylan or Cranberries protest songs and think : "That's one catchy song I'd like to run and dance to its tune".

Oh well, Hirasawa-san did it again.

Dec 6, 2012

Tried Something Today

I had the apartment for me and Spanish roomate left the cable that can connect the laptop with the TV.

Guess who is playing on a big screen?

It's been ages since I played on TV, I now remember how awesome it can be.

Dec 3, 2012

Kigeki Comedy

On rewatch today the gorgeous inspiring calm deadly little tale of Kigeki Comedy.
I wish I knew what that book was.
On the other hand, I do believe that words hold such power and I like to believe that there was a tribe who knew how to harness it long ago.

-"I accept."