Jan 11, 2013

Moroccan Welcome

I'm back to Morocco. Apparently, Family is thrilled to get the filthy loud agressive one back. Isn't that sweet?

TJ is the first homie I get to see after those six months. It's just heartwarming to an extent that would make Jordan call it quit.

One out o the 35 shots was decent enough to be posted. My photography skills are just...

Pepa, the family cat doesn't seem too happy with my coming back. Keeps sniffing me and doesn't like it when I hold him.
I'm speechless. Just when I think my shots can't get anymore "wtf!", they just get "wtf²"

I'm here, in Fez, holding thoughts and promises, lots and lots and lots of blessings and goodness from mother India. It's been an unspeakable experience and I tried my best to speak about it. Still, you can't possibly convey in words the feelings you get while within a loving womb. You just know that sooner or later, you will get out of it and you're going to cry it out.

Although the crying part might not be true in my case. I'm not a crying type of person and I'm thrilled to be back to the kingdom, making the best out of my stay here as well.


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