Apr 17, 2013

On a serious note

One of the primary convictions I gained from Tekkaman Blade as a kid was that you never get away with being a hero or a good person. It was overwhelming back then and I cried it out. Nobody told me how the ripples of a good action can come back, and come back hard on you. Nobody prepared me for that. As a kid, I had learnt the raw version of "be good and you'll get goodness in return". Eventually, yes. Ultimately, definitely.

But meanwhile, don't be surprised if it fucks you up, if it brings shitload of problems and grives and more challenges. Specially in those times where you have to pay to be slapped and you have to stand your stand if you want to stand your stand. And more importantly, don't grow bitter because of it.

Earn your stand, stand for it and if you can't or you get hurt, don't grow bitter. Owe everyone of your action, embrace the effort and move on, that's all.

No shit. Thank you D-Boy. All in all, it helped me a great deal to learn it at 6 years-old rather than an other age.


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