Apr 23, 2013


Let's get this over with. Another fever is taking hold of me and I CAN'T afford time on that right now. I'm at the 43th episode of Tekkaman Blade.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts. I'm just scared of Dark Souls' mimicks.
I either was K. or an alien eager to be a M.I.B.
I ended up with the Medabot that wanted to be its own Medabot. I'm just meant to not having possessions.
He mainly reminded me of Corto Maltese, in a less "Hugo Pratt" written style.
This show was AWESOME. I don't get why it didn't have many fans though.
Aha oho.
SUIS Spartacus, Bob et Rebecca. Pas la peine de demander.
Dragon Quest. Bittersweet story with that anime though.

Et finalement, le seul..Son ombre parle pour lui.

More than the fact that those cartoons are my favorite ones, they're actually the chosen bunch since they're the only ones I rewatched and still found extremely entertaining and inspiring.

I remember finding Cow&Chicken, Tom&Jerry, the Animaniacs and the Powerpuff Girls quite fun when I was a kid but now, it's just plain bleh if not a straight wtf was I thinking?
And in the case of Cow&Chicken, wtf were the adults thinking letting me watch that crap?


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