Jun 21, 2013

Be Gentle.


Today at work, around breakfast, my second tutor:

-"You're very intense, you realize that, do you?"
-"I don't exactly know what it means in your head."

I remember that during high school, my favorite translation teacher told me I have a tendancy to take everything at heart. I begged to differ by then because nobody was able to establish the consistent presence of a Koroonful heart. I wonder if this is what he was speaking about however.

-"Well, I might be off I don't know, but care for one advice?"
-"Well you gave me your own insight of me without asking for permission, don't bother now."
-"Be gentle. People like you should be extremely gentle."

To think that I was merely speaking about Nausicaä by then. I wonder what he would have told me if it was Final Fantasy VII, or Haruki, or Cthulhu, or Hawking, or Mechanics or...Oh well. Even Nausicaä holds her weight so..


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