Jun 26, 2013

Bless that boy!

I hope I won't have time to miss N. -he's coming to Morocco during summer.

We went at an indian restaurant for my last day in Montréal. It was sunny, the food was awesome, N. even liked his vegetables enough to eat them.

I thought of India and it was an emotional roller coaster for five minutes then I snapped out of it because it was my last day with a dear friend. Bless the boy.

Nerdy geeky shirts + unfathomable expression = N.'s appearance

And on the unfathomable point, he IS. Hey N. I'm coming at 6h00 a.m. Hey dude, a meat diet isn't healthy for your bowels. Hey N. I need boundaries. Buddy are you really okay or just plain okay with that?

N. do embarassed. 
Do emotional. 
Do hurt. 
Do happy. 
Do annoyed. 
Do bored.

Honest to God, I only know the laughing expression and it's a fascinating thing to see someone with the same expression through talks, walks, food, movies, TV shows, skype sessions, net surfing, shopping, gift shopping, socializing. It only changes when he's heartedly laughing. It's fascinating I'm telling you, specially for someone who can't keep her face from following the train of her thoughts erf.

I don't want to miss you buddy. See you in August and thank you for the incredibly entertaining and widely tolerant hosting. I pray for you to be happy.

Although he's one of the three boys of my life that I strongly believe they have an easy straight shot at being happy.


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