Jun 14, 2013

Epic meal time Clothing

Stupid N. ! I asked him to make an online payment for me -I can't do that- and he didn't want to be paid back. I would have felt deeply humiliated if it wasn't for this boy. I can take such crap from some people.

On a lighter note however, THANK YOU N.! Geez I FINALLY get to be a bit of a fangirl.

I mean I'm in freaking Canada, same place as Epic Meal Time and I'm intending to show it!

Trying to adjust the iPAD camera by myself.

 N. to the Rescue.

Next casual Friday at work, I'm so going with my Epic Meal Time T-shirt and hoodie. Can't I be proud of watching silly guys with too much time on their hands wasting away shitloads of yuky food making awesome terrifying greasy meaty monsters that they eat like savages?


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