Jun 24, 2013

N. Strikes Again

The guy keeps on mezmerizing my taste in food. I honestly think N. is the one guy that can cook delicious stuff, the best stuff a guy ever cooked and I actually enjoyed - except my dad and uncles but then again, just talking about friends.

The pièce de résistance, the jewel of the collection, the penultimate experience, the ONE to rule them dishes is the lemon cake. I haven't tasted such an addictive cake for so long and I haven't eaten such a lemon cake in my life. I'm not generous with my compliments since I don't even say compliments, but the fact that I spent every food moment during three days eating this cake can say something.

I think, as it was the case with Nanou's mom, it's because of the thoughts the cook puts into food. And big N.'s big head doesn't go wrong, at least while making food. Bless the boy!

So yeah, food and anime marathons while talking talking talking talking! It turned out Montréal CAN GET more awesome!


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