Sep 17, 2013

Are you okay, Koroonful?

Yes. I'm okay random colleague playing it nice.

And I'm aware that not furthering my talk with details doesn't make you believe me but dude, how am I supposed to tell you that whenever I'm taking my mind out of a book, it's like being expelled from the womb all over again with the whole grief-loss-cut-the-ombilical-cord-so-it-doesn't-crawl-back syndrom?

How can I convey to you how dephased I am regading what is surrounding me when I have an audiobook playing in my ears and it's fucking my brain up?

How do you want me to tell you in less than a sentence -because after one sentence, you just want to interrupt me and be done already geez - that when I open my mind to ideas that are described and explored I'm like an Alice chasing rabbits and I don't cease to be fascinated by what I'm encountering, trying to get to the bottom of it without losing it, exploring whatever corner I'm offered and taking action as well and screaming and fighting and dying and cheering up and betraying and eating and welcoming and organizing parties and telling stories and preparing tea and shrooding my dead ones and getting bored with friends and coloring the skies and escaping death and whatnot?

Leave me alone. I have fucked up facial expressions which follow a train of thoughts that doesn't describe my personal emotions as a separate entity but rather the ones I get as a connected one, specially when I'm wired to a book.


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