Nov 5, 2013

Through RG Veda once again

My first CLAMP ever. My first manga ever.

And let me tell you something : when you are 10 years old or so and your first experience with manga is RG Veda, it's basically losing your virginity in a BDSM gangbang with 2G1C and 1G1J types of people.

If I concentrate, I'm a kid again, crying herself to sleep because everyone's sufferance is resonating harshly and deeply within me and the gods get beheaded and can't look for their creations and I don't know how to help or ease anyone's pain and the way Karyoubinga went was so cruel and in fact everyone doesnt die peacefully and doesn't seem to have achieved what he/she wanted and poor Ashura can't confide in anyone, not even the boy who brings you the MANGA magazines since he doesn't even bother reading them himself -unless for the yu yu hakusho parts.


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