Jul 14, 2013

It doesn't matter if you play it nice

Lovecraft started writing those stories with no apparent if not a faint connection, a certain thematic or words that come back here and there, some similarities of events and some unintended hints. But I've never felt he actually did it on purpose. I don't see in my head Lovecraft sitting on a desk, elaborating this big entangled scheme where he gradually introduces his readers to the Aeons of his imagination. And I love him for that.

Here he is, writing different stories for magazines or amateur journalism. Then, it all seems to converge to a phenomenal dynamic of a universe that he didn't bother elaborate on. This too leaves a certain mystery and a mist of doubts and unknown that makes it still relevant and fascinating, which is the case of Final Fantasy VII except that Square Enix is trying its hard to milk this cow and sorry for bringing up this. Out of context.

You'd think that the punishment and the unknown will fall upon the Earth but Lovecraft made it crawl from within the ground, which was -and I believe it is still the case - a mindbreak. You look outside for the enemy and you don't bother checking within until it's too late or you get smart before.


Sadistic powerful insane and indifferent Aeons sleeping in the deep rotten insides of their shelters waiting for Cthulhu to rise from R'lyeh from his deep slumber and unleash them on mankind. The rare people who have witnessed a ray from the distant gruesome stars turn mad, get killed, disappear or kill themselves.


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