Apr 27, 2013

Thank you, Tekkaman Blade!

Mission Accomplished, Soldier. You deserve to rest now.

Apr 26, 2013

I beg of you

Please Belphégor addiction, don't kick in now! Please, please, please! I'm still not done with TEKKAMAN and it will be HARD to watch you without a notebook and a pen.

Dont make me please.

Apr 24, 2013

Pégase! Ouvre-toi!

ou "Tekno-Power". Tout est bon à prendre.

Apr 23, 2013


Let's get this over with. Another fever is taking hold of me and I CAN'T afford time on that right now. I'm at the 43th episode of Tekkaman Blade.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts. I'm just scared of Dark Souls' mimicks.
I either was K. or an alien eager to be a M.I.B.
I ended up with the Medabot that wanted to be its own Medabot. I'm just meant to not having possessions.
He mainly reminded me of Corto Maltese, in a less "Hugo Pratt" written style.
This show was AWESOME. I don't get why it didn't have many fans though.
Aha oho.
SUIS Spartacus, Bob et Rebecca. Pas la peine de demander.
Dragon Quest. Bittersweet story with that anime though.

Et finalement, le seul..Son ombre parle pour lui.

More than the fact that those cartoons are my favorite ones, they're actually the chosen bunch since they're the only ones I rewatched and still found extremely entertaining and inspiring.

I remember finding Cow&Chicken, Tom&Jerry, the Animaniacs and the Powerpuff Girls quite fun when I was a kid but now, it's just plain bleh if not a straight wtf was I thinking?
And in the case of Cow&Chicken, wtf were the adults thinking letting me watch that crap?

Apr 22, 2013

Retrocartoons call for more retrocartoons

Dear Lord, how I was crazy about Ziv Zoolander!

Apr 21, 2013




I'd rather sleep on the bare floor with maybe a thin mattress or carpet but I wouldn't mind AT ALL sleeping on a bed if THIS IS THE BED.

Apr 20, 2013

My Current Ringtone

Apr 17, 2013

On a serious note

One of the primary convictions I gained from Tekkaman Blade as a kid was that you never get away with being a hero or a good person. It was overwhelming back then and I cried it out. Nobody told me how the ripples of a good action can come back, and come back hard on you. Nobody prepared me for that. As a kid, I had learnt the raw version of "be good and you'll get goodness in return". Eventually, yes. Ultimately, definitely.

But meanwhile, don't be surprised if it fucks you up, if it brings shitload of problems and grives and more challenges. Specially in those times where you have to pay to be slapped and you have to stand your stand if you want to stand your stand. And more importantly, don't grow bitter because of it.

Earn your stand, stand for it and if you can't or you get hurt, don't grow bitter. Owe everyone of your action, embrace the effort and move on, that's all.

No shit. Thank you D-Boy. All in all, it helped me a great deal to learn it at 6 years-old rather than an other age.

Apr 16, 2013

A Strong Chunk of my childhood

Tekkaman Blade Marathon.
It turns out you can get over the feeling of loss at the end of Prison Break if D-Boy is around.

Apr 13, 2013

Haunting Nostalgia

I used to enjoy this song so much back in India. Now I can't listen to it -I start then I just stop- because it ust brings Bangalore up in my soul and it's too much.

I hate it when impressions, ideas and feelings get stuck to music. It took me a lot of guts and inner work to be able to listen to Flowers Blooming in the Church while keeping with a straight face and a peaceful mood.

Apr 10, 2013

Woodpecker Song


Apr 7, 2013

Freaking interview

Job interview happening just when I'm in the middle of season four.


Apr 6, 2013

Age Of Wushu

That moment when nostalgia brings you back to an old MMO...

Only to be reminded some few days later why you quit it in the first place.

My faction seems to be located in THE place where all possibles bugs spawn :

-falling off the scenery and staying there unable to move or teleport even after logging out/in.
-Skills blocked advance for whatever technical reason thus preventing upgrade.
-Uncounted guilt points.
-Glitchy quests.
-And a ping so damn high it can make Ragnarok jealous.

But the cherry on my cake would always be the way CN SnailGames answers EVERY TICKET I send them:

 You guys should copy-paste A LOT

Damn you SnailGames! You really chose a worthy name. I should just get back to ToP, even Myth War would be an option now...