Aug 31, 2013

Silent Hill in the Wired

How awesome: SE Lain and SH. Man Hereticked oh boy oh boy!

And yet another anime I forgot how much I loved.

Oh Koroonful, thank god for myanimelist.

Aug 30, 2013

The Battle of Hogwarts

I was reading that part in a soccer stadium and was so into it that every scream made me sink even more in the tense atmosphere. I think the movie caught some of that.

Harry Potter on rewatch this night with some of my homies.

Aug 26, 2013

FF VII AC Badass mode

FF VII AC on rewatch.

Aug 25, 2013

Very Mary-Kate: Lost In Translation

Why this blog is going through a video phase. I spend regular time on Youtube.
A Very Mary-Kate series is yet another series that were cool yet not followed through.

Aug 23, 2013

Industry cares for people

We did a team-building session at work. The team I was within had the following question?

-"What is the goal of TheCompany?"

It was easy

-"To make money."

It's private limited company operating in technological services. There is no other goal, there CANNOT be another goal.

It turned out there can be. There can be so many actually:

-"To provide jobs."

-"To advance careers in engineering."

-"To lead the engineering market in the kingdom."

I won't type the extended list, I already feel condescendant enough right now, no need to aggravate it.

I do believe Zeitgeist on rewatch for this night.

…So when you say “Industry cares for people”; that’s not true. They can’t afford to be ethical. Your system is not designed to serve the well being of people. If you still don’t understand that, there would be no outsourcing of jobs, if they care about people. Industry does not care. They only hire people ‘cause it hasn’t been automated YET.  

Jaques Fresco

Aug 21, 2013

The Freaking FCC

Is it okay to have such music one one's playlist?

What am I saying? It's more awesome than most of the crap the radio keeps playing.

Aug 20, 2013

A Old Creation

Not bad at all. With only Photofiltre.

Beautiful reminder of my L days.

Aug 19, 2013


Note to self: don't sing this in public. It's in French. Most of people here get French.

Aug 17, 2013


On rewatch this evening after a Silent Hill 2 gaming session. Definitely.

Aug 15, 2013


Showed that old series of Above Aevrage to some friends. They actually enjoyed it!

Too bad they didn't do this until the boys voice changes.

Aug 14, 2013

Cheerful morning!

Nothing beats BREAKFAST, except having it with friends. M. is going back to Montréal and since colleagues messed up my diner invitation, I made it up for myself and him by organizing a breakfast. We're going to miss you buddy! You've been a straight shooter and a honest-to-god creature!

Have your breakfast, people. Never skip it or make a habit of doing so...

Aug 12, 2013

A special playlist

The Lonely Island are on my phone.
Not only the lyrics are hilarious but the tune is catchy.
Modern music that would make me laugh? DA HA. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU PEOPLE!

Aug 10, 2013

Nina Broderick The Ball Buster

Too bad they don't use this character for more episodes. I like her.

Aug 4, 2013


The one thing I require when I come to the parents'.

My goodness look at all those vegetables that slowly cooked within clay with olive oil and soothing spices. My god I need another one and with whole wheat homemade bread again!