Jan 21, 2014

A day in Orucly's life

Willing to do anything to hold aggro...A-ny-thing.

Yeeey! Another session of "let's-show-Orucly-how-to-hold-aggro-despite-the-fact-we-have-never-played-tank-lancer-and-the-only-tank-we-tried-is-the-DPS-one-which-might-make-holding-aggro-seem-like-a-child-game."..except elendiir who mentions more the fact that aggro falls on him. But then again, I don't blame them: they're just trying to help -in their macho way maybe - and I'm open to any suggestion specially with the shitty way tanks are built in TERA. If I have to speak about holding aggro or look it up on the internet again, I might kill a popori.

My least favorite dungeon: Corsairs' Stronghold. Mandatory daily pass according to guild's members and compulsory if you want to quickly reach that level 60.

Once Nexus is over, alliance and reputation quests are done, it's sleepy time! 

Provided there is no Manaya Dungeon the guys are willing to let me in.


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