Mar 2, 2013

My Reef

During a part of some night's dream, I was slowly moonwalking on the seabed of the Atlantic. The coral reef was breathtaking and so beautiful I didn't want to leave that place and tried to commit it to my memory as much as I could. When I woke up, I gave in straight away into some Earth porn. Afterwards, I looked into the iPAD appstore for any app coral reef related.

There were some educational apps, mostly wallpaper ones but I grew fond of  Nemo's Reef, Disney's official Nemo app. The reef management app is a game where you get to plant corals and attract new fish species by performing Nemo's homework. All the while, you progressively unfold all the lovely characters of the movies and get some cunning dialogues.

It's been more than ten days that I'm relentlessly playing this game, knowing that I'm not big on apps, even less touchscreen games. But this one mezmerizes me with its music and graphics. Seriously, can't you get lost in all these beautiful shapes and colors?

And those are only screenshots! When you actually get to navigate through the whole thing, it's just like a virtual piece of heaven. More than ten days of going hard on this app and it's all coming greatly. It always has its effect, the least one is the fact of reminding me of that beautiful dream.


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