Apr 27, 2014

These are rough times

'Still, friends tell me these are tough times, tough times for muslims. Well,  I’ve heard these are tough times for Arabs too, for brown people as well, for minorities in general, for African-Americans, for gays, for single 30-40 years-old women, for girls suffering from lack of self-esteem, for people wanting to wear the bindi yet have nothing to do with Hindu religion, for Hindu people who don’t want to see the bindis on some culture appropriation people, for job seekers, for dreamers, for hardworkers, for students, for politicians, for animals, for crops, for the Earth.

Life is full of goings and comings. Bilbo is right. As he was right to notice that the path from his doorstep could lead to Rivendell and to Mordor, to the Misty Mountains and the party tree, to tough and good times. You get to choose. To choose everything, from the path to how you will perceive it.

What an adventure.'


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