Apr 25, 2014

This Be The End

This be the end to a full week of social life rocking it the hard way.

It's 2h05am and I'm at the bride's parents home, half sleepy yet not fully and about to drink a Power Horse.

Up to now, I honestly never understood why people wanted people to attend their weddings so much. I've always loathed attending weddings and official occasions, but specially weddings. As soon as I was able to have my own saying, I never ever put a foot on one.

Now, close friends are getting married. They require and bequeath and insist and pleade and order and expect that YOU COME IN A CAFTAN TO THEIR WEDDING GEEZUS IT'S NOT GONNA KILL YOU.

This week was exhausting on so many levels and way too full but at this ungodly hour, two hours from my train and seven hours from coming back to my apartment, I finally realize why it was so important for my friends that I attend their events. And I'm thankful for it and grateful that my roomie didn't let me bail out on them as I'm used to do and grateful I didn't bail out on myself and went through with it.

This was such an exhausting week and I need some sleep and a lot of social silence but it was worth it, inspiring, excellent, amazing, eye opening and everything everything everything everything.

And now, just because all my pictures are goofy anyways, I chose the goofiest ones of the week.

Someone is JUST not used to wearing traditional clothing and no pants.

Muuuuuuuuch better, still very Koroon though.


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