Jun 27, 2014

Another Presentation Ended

I went to my old school to attend the presentation of a fellow intern, one of the several we ha within our department. June has been a busy month of presentations and reports preparations. The final studies projects within our department were so consistent you actually enjoy sitting through the 25 minutes presentation.

I didn't get to eat at all the buffets however. But my roomie's one made up for all the others.

I'm coming back to work with my colleagues who mentored the interns presenting today.

It was fun but sure I would have done away with the girls' squeeks over the "males in my company" and the "if they're single or not".

Put a ring of it if you want it.

On the funny side - I'm getting wrinkles from the overlaughter in my life-, here is yet another goofy photo of us, whatever the hell we we doing then.
 Go figure why EMT is still relevant to me.


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