Jun 8, 2014

She's gone.

My cutie-Patootie of a roomie/colleague/close friend is done with her internship.

Her chair is so empty and fellow colleagues are cunningly pointing it out to me. With whom will you eat? Who'd STAND you and BEAR the long conversations, the public scenes and all the random fucked-up circumstances that come with hanging out with you?

My colleagues are nice and cute but they got me laughing with such assumptions: with all the comings and departings in my life, I thought everyone was used to that as well. It turned out NO.

To this, I reply that my first task once roomie was gone is to clean the apartment, enjoy my company like there is no tomorrow and be all comforted if not happy by the times we spent together.

My intuition tells me S. will be back to the company's scenery. I do hope that wherever she goes, nothing but bliss come her way, either here or somewhere else.


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