Jun 15, 2014

Well that was exhausting

I can see it in my face because it is NOT thanking me.

My dermatillomania kicked in: I thought that with my cutie-patootie of a roomie being gone, I'd have more time to Koroonful. I'll be more available and will give my several selves much more time. But it proved quite a stressful week:

  • I watched over Nina.
  • I had so many late articles.
  • Friends needed their reports to be reviewed or their resume or cover letters to be on top.
  • I dropped my wallet and my bank card and ID card -along with my favorite knife and several 50cents coins- went missing
  • There was this day where I only pooped once Oo and it wasn't the usual good poop -I poop three times optimally and two on average.
  • At work, I was a bit on a stand-by and I was literally on fire from being on stand-by.

Therefore, I did such a lousy job and picked on my face.

As a remedy - and punishment - no hanging out this week-end. Instead:

  • Stay home.
  • Nurse your face in an apartment where the sun has NO way to get in.
  • Catch up on articles.
  • Meditate
  • Catch up on mails.
  • Catch up on blogging.
  • Plank and learn push-ups
  • And watch Millenium the English edition as a break.
  • Remind your homies of planking and plank some more.

It proved extremely efficient and ended up being a delicious treat. I just hope I won't get too used to such a routine.

Nah...Even if I wanted to "they" won't let me.

A face that got me thinking for a second -oh well it was worth it.


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