Jul 14, 2014

And By The Way :D

After four hours of waiting in a line that apparently started at 6h00 a.m (I was at the institute at freaking 8h00 a.m. and I was 49th on the list) , 2300 dhs, an argument, the fact that I had to choose another class because the one I wanted was full and a lot of coughing and flue, I finally got myself registered at Goethe Institute for German courses starting September YeeeeY :D.

And here I was thinking that the worst queues I've ever been in were over the ID card, Canada ambassy and France ambassy. But no! You have to see the one that is waiting at the entrance of the German language center.

I don't even know and I don't bother asking or wondering. I was 13 years-old and told my dad I wanted to learn German. He took me to the ALC and told me I was to learn English.

I remember I was about to get personal with English but then my uncle was my first teacher, few people in the class, awesome American educational style and I was in.

Now however, I'm starving for languages and there is no reliable place for Japanese. Besides, I pursue Japanese in my free time and wouldn't trust someone else but senseï with it. But German, oh German. I saved up and was able to afford the first course. I'm so excited the flue got nothing on me.


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