Jul 13, 2014

Dune, Again and again and again and again..

-"Chani, what is this?" he asked.
-"I dispatched one who came to challenge you in single combat, Usul."
-"You killed him?"
-"Yes. But perhaps I should have left him for Harah."
-"But he came to challenge me!"
-"You trained me youself in the weirding way, Usul."
-"Certainly! But you shouldn't..."
-"I was born in the desert, Usul. I know how to use a crysknife."
-"He wasn't worthy, Usul," Chani said."I wouldn't disturb your meditation with the likes of him."She moved closer, dropping her voice so that only he might hear."And, beloved, when it's learned that a challenger may face me and be brought to shameful death by Muad'Dib's woman, there will be fewer challengers."

Dune, Frank Herbert

The week-end was utterly exhausting and rewarding. I end it up with a rewatch of the Dune miniseries. No motion picture could ever give justice to such a saga, but it's always nice to see some try.

Ah, Chani and Muad'Dib.


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