Jul 9, 2014

Ramadan Again

I had five DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN calendars specially made for this holy month.
It turned out time is an even more precious currency you hardly get a grasp on when life is eventful, when visitors keep coming.
Visitors like friends, exhaustion, thirst, thoughts, sleep, some more friends, definitely work and some more exhaustion.
I come back to my apartment not quite exhausted, definitely not sleepy, and I just don't feel like grabing a pen or a pencil. Maybe a book and most likely My Wife And Kids episodes, but not studies.
At work, people get headaches, blood pressure decrease or nausea. I don't experience such symptoms with fasting. My energy levels become eh..euh...I don't want to use the word "normal" but let's say I start walking in the common pace and move around at common speed. Oh and I also start grasping for air while taking the stairs to my fourth floor apartment.
One thing though: with the first days of fasting, I get a bit slow and a little bit dumb.
It was something that made me reflect, specially with work and the tasks I'm to perform with full attention and all my neurones working and stuff. One mistake somewhere and BOUM BOUM BOUM.
I took my Don't BREAK THE CHAIN calendars and decided to keep only one, the one related to meditation.
I do have my time, my intellectual powers and my spirit to use this holy month to reflect on hunger, thirst, prayers and upgrade myself.
To a quantum level say.

My favorite sourate while I'm at it.

And my favorite Hymmnos of the moment.


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