Jul 6, 2014


 This year, Ramadan's timing is being tricky for me. The sunset is at 19h45-ish and I'm used to not eating anything past 19h00. Consequently, my stomach was very unhappy the first days and I would wake up feeling heavy and heavy and heavy and ugh.

 Plus with my tight sleeping schedule and the fact that I dislike eating at night, I had only the time to have one meal. Therefore, I had to make it count and it proved a bright healthy success.

Sprouted lentils stirred in olive oil and garlic, pumpkin sauted with parsley and mustard and cumin seeds, Rome tomatoes and pickles.

Avocado, onion and tuna salad, whole brown rice with lady's fingers and tomatos and garlic

Fried eggs, whole wheat bread and a salad of farmer's cheese, parsley, salad, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Nothing compared to the traditional Moroccan ftour table.


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