Jan 31, 2014

Ar Tonelico Over

Hello again feelings of emptiness.
Gotta get me a healthy dose of Final Fantasy VII.

Jan 25, 2014

It starts with a request

-I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

FIGHT CLUB on rewatch.

Jan 22, 2014

Right now

A mind oscillating between Asian gore and mechanics, tea and spinach smoothies, reruns of Code Geass and long essays about biology.


Jan 21, 2014

A day in Orucly's life

Willing to do anything to hold aggro...A-ny-thing.

Yeeey! Another session of "let's-show-Orucly-how-to-hold-aggro-despite-the-fact-we-have-never-played-tank-lancer-and-the-only-tank-we-tried-is-the-DPS-one-which-might-make-holding-aggro-seem-like-a-child-game."..except elendiir who mentions more the fact that aggro falls on him. But then again, I don't blame them: they're just trying to help -in their macho way maybe - and I'm open to any suggestion specially with the shitty way tanks are built in TERA. If I have to speak about holding aggro or look it up on the internet again, I might kill a popori.

My least favorite dungeon: Corsairs' Stronghold. Mandatory daily pass according to guild's members and compulsory if you want to quickly reach that level 60.

Once Nexus is over, alliance and reputation quests are done, it's sleepy time! 

Provided there is no Manaya Dungeon the guys are willing to let me in.

Jan 20, 2014


Keep Calm and Imagine Dragons.

Jan 15, 2014


Oh boy, here we go again.

Stoker on rewatch after some episodes of Prison Break.

Jan 13, 2014

You've done enough

Reminds me of Baudelaire Orphans "you're noble enough".
And Aerith "you've come for me, that's more than enough".

Oh when will I fully learn it? When will I realize it for once!

Jan 11, 2014

A Healthy Dose of Murakami

Going through Murakami's 1Q84 again.

“I was confident that I was a special person. But time slowly chips away at life. People don't just die when their time comes. They gradually die away, from the inside. And finally the day comes when you have to settle accounts. Nobody can escape it. People have to pay the price for what they've received. I have only just learned that truth.” 

- Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

Jan 9, 2014

From Infel Phira, entrust it to the Address 0x121:3461:3270: in Kaira!

Morning Jam.

Jan 8, 2014

Wonderful Days Ahead

Waking up to Ar Tonelico hymmnos chants in the early morning.
Having breakfast.
Answering mails.
Working out.
Playing Ar Tonelico.
Studying a bit more.
Hanging out with friends.
Playing TERA.
Progressing in my reading.

And all along drinking tea, making spicy omelets, delighting in coffee with cinnamon and hoping I'm making the best of these days.

Jan 7, 2014

Reyvateil Madness

Ar Tonelico all over again. One of my modern lighthearted influences in the RPG games.

I can't believe I forgot about my prep school days spent playing that magnificent game series and feeling like such a imprisoned Reyvateil.

Jan 6, 2014

That's priceless

Jan 2, 2014

We're the Turks

I love suits because of the Turks.

Jan 1, 2014

I quit my job.

As I always say, state and believe in: suit yourself and believe I'm a rooster, but don't you dare come ask me for eggs.

You'll realize that not only you needed to believe I'm a fricking female chicken for that to even hold grounds on your own terms....

But that on common terms, I'm a human and therefore don't expect me to cocorico for you even if some are willing to do so.

Moreover, on my own terms, you're basically an amibia trying its luck with a mountain or minerals. What a sorrowful luck, people.

I loved my job, I was excited and happy to work, I'm happy and eager I left it.

And that's all I seriously have to say about that subject.

What a blissful start of a year.