Mar 31, 2014

L'école est sanctuaire autant que la chapelle

Au boulot aujourd'hui, ma copine et moi discutions avec un des seniors super sympa qui ne manquent pas dans la boîte. C'était sur l'éducation.

-"Avec tout ce qu'on paie comme impôts sans que cela n'améliore la qualité de l'enseignement publique. Au contraire! Ils veulent privatiser un secteur déjà privé ou tu dois payer en plus de ça des heures supp pour qu'enfin ton gamin ait un 17 en bac sans pouvoir l'utiliser pour intégrer médecine ou prépa...."

J'étais dans ma tête entre-temps avec Victor Hugo:

Chaque enfant qu'on enseigne est un homme qu'on gagne.
Quatre-vingt-dix voleurs sur cent qui sont au bagne
Ne sont jamais allés à l'école une fois,
Et ne savent pas lire, et signent d'une croix.
C'est dans cette ombre-là qu'ils ont trouvé le crime.
L'ignorance est la nuit qui commence l'abîme.
Où rampe la raison, l'honnêteté périt.

Dieu, le premier auteur de tout ce qu'on écrit,
A mis, sur cette terre où les hommes sont ivres,
Les ailes des esprits dans les pages des livres.
Tout homme ouvrant un livre y trouve une aile, et peut
Planer là-haut où l'âme en liberté se meut.
L'école est sanctuaire autant que la chapelle.
L'alphabet que l'enfant avec son doigt épelle
Contient sous chaque lettre une vertu ; le cœur
S'éclaire doucement à cette humble lueur.
Donc au petit enfant donnez le petit livre.
Marchez, la lampe en main, pour qu'il puisse vous suivre.

Je ne suis pas multi-tâche mais je me rappelle clairement les termes de la discussion ainsi que nos sauts de sujets. Je me rappelle également le discours de mon Victor dans ma tête.

Mar 30, 2014

And I had a dream

A beautiful dream. Dreams are a major part in my life.

And sometimes, I wake up from such a dream, such a dream yaaa salaaam, that the first thing I do during the morning while preparing my breakfast is thank the divine entity to have bestowed it upon me.

In all its holy grace and clemence, it gave me a beautiful goal affirming sweet sweet memory that will add to my inner fire.

The whole morning if not the day will be solely about being thankful and recalling every detail of the dream.


We goin’ kindergarten

be brainless
Here we are, entertain us
Get stupid, go moron


Pepa, Pepa, Pepa, Pepa...PEPA...PEPA, PEPA, PEPA, PEPA, PEPA, PEPA!


Mar 29, 2014

Right now

A mind oscillating between Cthulhu and propellers, colorful pencils and healthy food, rewatching of Prison Break and writing, writing, writing, writing....

Mar 28, 2014

Fluffy Moment

I just realized.
It's been a while since I made a new friend.
2013 was mostly about reconnecting with my lost friends and old ones. Senseï was the only new person in my life as a friend.
I therefore rediscover the pleasures of a blossoming new friendship.
It's been a while since I made a new friend and all this anticipation, excitment, old stories to share and new stories to create together is just sending my mood to radioactive levels.
I'm so grateful right now I can eat kittens and choke puppies.

Mar 27, 2014

One blissful night.

There are certain night' templates that triggers a poised joy which won't prevent me from sleeping.

Tea + Final Fantasy VII from the start.

I remember when I didn't have the game on CD anymore. I also recall when I learnt about ePSXe and FF VII PC Edition. I will NEVER EVER be grateful enough for the gift of being simply able to play FF VII.

Of being positively confident that I only have to reach out to my laptop or anyone's laptop to play it.

God bless everyone on that night.

Mar 26, 2014


Occasionnellement, il m'arrive de ne pas arriver à croire.
Comme là par exemple, en train de refaire une playlist à écouter au boulot et...
Je n'arrive pas à croire que j'ai oublié Bernard Lavilliers.
Dire que ses chansons ont bercé mes 11 ans...

Mario's Speech

Renewing my affection for Linkin Park by listening to A Thousands Suns on the loop at work.

Spoke with Path' about this on that good windy Sunday: our plan to have breakfast at the beach turning into socialist convo over machiato at starbucks

Mar 25, 2014

A Note to Koroonful


Turbo and Jet engines.
The Special Notebook of Visiting Paris through Belphégor's episode.
Djinn comics.
Nandita's artwork gift.
That book of yours you CAN'T seem to remember to whom you've lent.
You 100 years of Solitude in fr and en that you CANT seem to remember to whom you've lent.
Moving in with Path'.
Fixing the connection at your place.
The fact that you're not writing enough, both on a technical and litterature scales.


Writing more pages of your novel.
Kickstarting your technical drafts despite the lack of internet -you can browse up afterwards.

Mar 24, 2014

In my mornings

An episode of Prison Break before work.

-"You're one sick puppy, you know that?"

Boy, do-I-know-that! I think the fact of being fan of YOU should spare me further explanation.

Mar 23, 2014

Sunday's Couscous

Brought to you by Path'.

To think that a homie of mine was questioning my friend's ability to cook a couscous....

Les médias qui m'ont marqué et qui sont mes références culturelles

Flambynette l'a fait. Je pense que mon blog peut donner une petite idée de ce que je n'arrête pas de revoir et relire mais il ne rend pas assez justice à pleins d'auteurs et de bouquins que j'adore tellement que j'en mords les pages. Je viens de me rendre compte que je n'ai pas assez parlé des Palahniuk ou des Harry Potter ou..ou..

Enfin Bref.

Des confins de mon premier âge non exhaustivement:

Romans fictifs:
Le Petit Prince d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Les Hauts de Hurle-Vent d'Emily brönte.
La saga Dune de Frank Herbet.
100 Ans de Solitude de Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Les Nouvelles de H.P. Lovecraft.
La saga Chroniques Du Bout Du Monde de Paul Stewart.
Une Maison Dans Les Ténèbres de José Luis Peixoto.
Le Vieil Homme Et La Mer d'Ernest Hemingway.
La trilogie Ca de Stephen King.
1984 de George Orwell.
La saga Harry Potter de J.K. Rowling.
Diary de Chuck Palahniuk.
La Fin des Temps de Haruki Murakami.

Ali Zaoua Prince de la Rue.
Ghost In The Shell.
Le Lac des Cygnes.
Millennium Mambo.
Mr. Nobody.
Nausicaä de la Vallée du Vent.
V For Vendetta.

C'est pas sorcier.
Prison Break

Dessins animées
Le maître des Bots.
Johnny Quest.
Extreme Ghostbusters.
Bob Morane.

Serial Experiments Lain.
Dragon Quest.
Neon Genesis Evangelion.
La saga Digimon.

Bandes dessinées
Yoko Tsuno
Les Aventures d'Adèle Blanc-Sec.
Astérix et Obélix -tout ce qui est Goscinny.

RG Veda.
Magic Knight Rayearth.
3x3 Eyes.

Bob Dylan.
Nobuo Uematsu.

Jeux Vidéos
Final Fantasy VII.
Silent Hill 2.
American McGee's Alice.
Dragon Quest.

Mar 20, 2014


By far, this is the first evening I get to spend with myself.

And I'm not even gonna spend it with myself. I need to catch up on writing.


It's pretty sure we're going to end up being roomies in three months or so....


Can I be even more grateful T_____T

I simply can't believe my luck :)

Mar 18, 2014

Tea and Strawberries

At A.and TJ's place.

A lovey dovey cute nest for a lovey dovey young couple.

Having a BLAST: tea being prepared and poured, good conversations, friends going on their projects and keeping on moving forward.

How grateful, extra-grateful I'm feeling tonight.

Mar 16, 2014

Rfissa time!

oh my gooodness, dear lord that was the best rfissa I've eaten since my childhood.

Cooked with the over-attention and extra-care of over ten ladies. Thank you Smile and girls for the unforgettable Sunday.

I litterally have nothing to say. It's just mnom-mnom like the food. You feel it in your gut.

Mar 15, 2014

Sky 28

Casanegra ahead in all its madness and beauty. Smile treated me to a Piña colada at the Sky 28.

I have to realize that I will live in this city once again.

Mar 8, 2014

Fucking Fight Club

Fuck yeah. On rewatch tonight.

Amen to that.

Mar 7, 2014

Women's Day

Not even a week in the new company and I'm already getting some perks.

This one for having a vagina.

I don't buy into stuff like that. I wasn't even aware of the date, but if it gets me a shopping coupon, sure, why not?

Thank you S.!

Mar 4, 2014

Tonari no Seki-Kun

It's been a while since I've read something new in the manga section.

Giving Tonari no Seki-kun a try.

Mar 3, 2014

First day at work

I'm loving this place already.

Mar 1, 2014

Captain Phillips

ew. So not on my  rewatch list. Tom Hanks, what the fuck?

Saturday's Cartoons

I was about to launch Scrubs while we're having breakfast, but my homie had a different idea:

-"I'd rather watch cartoons, reminds of when we were children."

That's a perfect timing to introduce her to Nausicaä.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on rewatch.

Bad bad oven.

I crushed at Path's place during most of these days. As if it wasn't enough that my pal bears my over-the-edge radiactive levels and cooks for me nomnomlicious food, I find myself often punshing her oven, making it face the wall or just cussing it while walking in and out o the kitchen.

I honestly don't know why specially that it has been nothing but an extremely reliable tool.

Oh well.

Hey asshole :D, you little piece of shit.