Jun 29, 2014

Jun 28, 2014

We're On Each Other's Team

I'm playing this on the loop and I find myself gradually appreciating this singer.

And that little boy doesn't stop pointing at me and babbling to his parents.

And to think it started as a quiet morning in this quiet coffee shop.

Jun 27, 2014

Another Presentation Ended

I went to my old school to attend the presentation of a fellow intern, one of the several we ha within our department. June has been a busy month of presentations and reports preparations. The final studies projects within our department were so consistent you actually enjoy sitting through the 25 minutes presentation.

I didn't get to eat at all the buffets however. But my roomie's one made up for all the others.

I'm coming back to work with my colleagues who mentored the interns presenting today.

It was fun but sure I would have done away with the girls' squeeks over the "males in my company" and the "if they're single or not".

Put a ring of it if you want it.

On the funny side - I'm getting wrinkles from the overlaughter in my life-, here is yet another goofy photo of us, whatever the hell we we doing then.
 Go figure why EMT is still relevant to me.

Jun 20, 2014

Just to Remember Grief

To keep a reminder of personal destruction and unspoken grief.

Magnificent dancing, good lyrics. Plus the voice is just...Lord.

Jun 19, 2014

I got so used to feeling AWESOME, not rubbed the other way and carefree that in those last two days, when I started to feel a bit of energy's lack because of the not-so-regular-relatively-to-what-I'm-used sleeping schedule and food intake, two friends rubbed me the other way and I was feeling a bit emotionally involved about it.

Taking it a bit personal.

And just when I was talking to my cutie-patootie-of-ex-roomie about it, I realized how it has been so long since I felt someone rubbing the other way. And it was comforting.

And I'm grateful.

And it made it up for the rest.

Jun 18, 2014

No Excitement

I've been going through the Quinn's trilogy over again.

Everytime, just like many other books, something new gets to me. At every new reading session, I feel a new epiphany, a new perspective unfolding before me.

Lately, because of the "civilized" people surrounding me, it's something new that I grew aware of, that baffles me and that finally gives me a possible explanation to why they THEMSELVES are baffled by me.

Jun 15, 2014

Well that was exhausting

I can see it in my face because it is NOT thanking me.

My dermatillomania kicked in: I thought that with my cutie-patootie of a roomie being gone, I'd have more time to Koroonful. I'll be more available and will give my several selves much more time. But it proved quite a stressful week:

  • I watched over Nina.
  • I had so many late articles.
  • Friends needed their reports to be reviewed or their resume or cover letters to be on top.
  • I dropped my wallet and my bank card and ID card -along with my favorite knife and several 50cents coins- went missing
  • There was this day where I only pooped once Oo and it wasn't the usual good poop -I poop three times optimally and two on average.
  • At work, I was a bit on a stand-by and I was literally on fire from being on stand-by.

Therefore, I did such a lousy job and picked on my face.

As a remedy - and punishment - no hanging out this week-end. Instead:

  • Stay home.
  • Nurse your face in an apartment where the sun has NO way to get in.
  • Catch up on articles.
  • Meditate
  • Catch up on mails.
  • Catch up on blogging.
  • Plank and learn push-ups
  • And watch Millenium the English edition as a break.
  • Remind your homies of planking and plank some more.

It proved extremely efficient and ended up being a delicious treat. I just hope I won't get too used to such a routine.

Nah...Even if I wanted to "they" won't let me.

A face that got me thinking for a second -oh well it was worth it.

Jun 8, 2014

She's gone.

My cutie-Patootie of a roomie/colleague/close friend is done with her internship.

Her chair is so empty and fellow colleagues are cunningly pointing it out to me. With whom will you eat? Who'd STAND you and BEAR the long conversations, the public scenes and all the random fucked-up circumstances that come with hanging out with you?

My colleagues are nice and cute but they got me laughing with such assumptions: with all the comings and departings in my life, I thought everyone was used to that as well. It turned out NO.

To this, I reply that my first task once roomie was gone is to clean the apartment, enjoy my company like there is no tomorrow and be all comforted if not happy by the times we spent together.

My intuition tells me S. will be back to the company's scenery. I do hope that wherever she goes, nothing but bliss come her way, either here or somewhere else.

Jun 7, 2014

Boum Boum Boum

Under a stunning sun at the beach.
The last week-end.