Jul 30, 2014

My cutie-patooties

Ya illahi ya illahi those guys

On Bugenhagen

An inspiration.


FF VII on replay going on.

I have been playing FF VII over and over and over for 11 years now.

And yet, I always discover new things.

To think that I never understood the girl's observation back in the Chocobo farm.

Until now
Contain Materia is within my slots.

Jul 28, 2014

She's Gone.

Blessed were the times when I used to start internally weeping when we reach the Forgotten City.

Now I start once we should head to the Temple of Ancients and I give moisture to the dead before even starting to walk towards the Bone Village.

Oh life.

My head is numb.

Jul 26, 2014


Before The Dreadful

Final Fantasy VII on Replay.

And going through the ritual of getting The Great Gospel just to postpone the unavoidable and get to see dear Aerith magnificently pray for the team.

 I can't recall how many shrimps I killed today but it was at least 160.

Jul 25, 2014

Nothing says vacation...

...More than turning off the phone and the iPAD, sticking to bed and playing for the Xth time Final Fantasy VII.

Jul 17, 2014


Going through a trip.
To think of where I was and where I'm heading gives but a glimpse  of what I was and what I'm becoming.
But along the way as usual, Dune saga is within reach.
At work, a colleague with a warm undertone asked me:
-"And what about you, K? What is your obsession?"


Dune is the saga of sagas, the tale of tales, the universe with so many everfolding dimensions and perspectives to look through. I came to the simple conviction that I can spend my lifetime reading the material over and over again and it will fill all my mental needs, give in the branching of a big tree that will lead me to many faces of the creation.

Jul 16, 2014

It's getting repetitive

About two years ago, someone thought it funny to hack my Gmail and Facebook then write a status about my period in a very err, "inviting-you-to-rape-me" way.

It took some effort to recover my Gmail and some more for the Facebook but I did it and forgot about that funny Moroccan welcome-back-from-India deal

Today, while I'm enjoying a honey mask and a LaughFactory video, someone was trying again.

I realize I went ahead and assumed the person was Moroccan. He/She may be anyone in a matter of fact. I believe the address Google is not even the true ip of the culprit.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 4:33:19 PM UTC
IP Address: (c-98-246-28-200.hsd1.or.comcast.net)
Location: Oak Grove, OR, USA

In any case, it's inspiring to see some put so much effort in such small matters. It makes me more eager to sweep the apartment and scrub every part of it despite the fasting.

Jul 15, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

Meet The Robinsons on Rewatch

Jul 14, 2014

And By The Way :D

After four hours of waiting in a line that apparently started at 6h00 a.m (I was at the institute at freaking 8h00 a.m. and I was 49th on the list) , 2300 dhs, an argument, the fact that I had to choose another class because the one I wanted was full and a lot of coughing and flue, I finally got myself registered at Goethe Institute for German courses starting September YeeeeY :D.

And here I was thinking that the worst queues I've ever been in were over the ID card, Canada ambassy and France ambassy. But no! You have to see the one that is waiting at the entrance of the German language center.

I don't even know and I don't bother asking or wondering. I was 13 years-old and told my dad I wanted to learn German. He took me to the ALC and told me I was to learn English.

I remember I was about to get personal with English but then my uncle was my first teacher, few people in the class, awesome American educational style and I was in.

Now however, I'm starving for languages and there is no reliable place for Japanese. Besides, I pursue Japanese in my free time and wouldn't trust someone else but senseï with it. But German, oh German. I saved up and was able to afford the first course. I'm so excited the flue got nothing on me.

Jul 13, 2014

Dune, Again and again and again and again..

-"Chani, what is this?" he asked.
-"I dispatched one who came to challenge you in single combat, Usul."
-"You killed him?"
-"Yes. But perhaps I should have left him for Harah."
-"But he came to challenge me!"
-"You trained me youself in the weirding way, Usul."
-"Certainly! But you shouldn't..."
-"I was born in the desert, Usul. I know how to use a crysknife."
-"He wasn't worthy, Usul," Chani said."I wouldn't disturb your meditation with the likes of him."She moved closer, dropping her voice so that only he might hear."And, beloved, when it's learned that a challenger may face me and be brought to shameful death by Muad'Dib's woman, there will be fewer challengers."

Dune, Frank Herbert

The week-end was utterly exhausting and rewarding. I end it up with a rewatch of the Dune miniseries. No motion picture could ever give justice to such a saga, but it's always nice to see some try.

Ah, Chani and Muad'Dib.

Jul 12, 2014

They graduated!

My cutie-patootie and her bf.

Jul 9, 2014

Ramadan Again

I had five DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN calendars specially made for this holy month.
It turned out time is an even more precious currency you hardly get a grasp on when life is eventful, when visitors keep coming.
Visitors like friends, exhaustion, thirst, thoughts, sleep, some more friends, definitely work and some more exhaustion.
I come back to my apartment not quite exhausted, definitely not sleepy, and I just don't feel like grabing a pen or a pencil. Maybe a book and most likely My Wife And Kids episodes, but not studies.
At work, people get headaches, blood pressure decrease or nausea. I don't experience such symptoms with fasting. My energy levels become eh..euh...I don't want to use the word "normal" but let's say I start walking in the common pace and move around at common speed. Oh and I also start grasping for air while taking the stairs to my fourth floor apartment.
One thing though: with the first days of fasting, I get a bit slow and a little bit dumb.
It was something that made me reflect, specially with work and the tasks I'm to perform with full attention and all my neurones working and stuff. One mistake somewhere and BOUM BOUM BOUM.
I took my Don't BREAK THE CHAIN calendars and decided to keep only one, the one related to meditation.
I do have my time, my intellectual powers and my spirit to use this holy month to reflect on hunger, thirst, prayers and upgrade myself.
To a quantum level say.

My favorite sourate while I'm at it.

And my favorite Hymmnos of the moment.

Jul 7, 2014

This is a strange world, neither cage nor nest,
With no calm nook in all its spacious fold.

Foreseeing that indigo mood in my horizon.
Heavens are sinking within and it's an explosion of ethereal goodness.
Thank you God.

Jul 6, 2014


 This year, Ramadan's timing is being tricky for me. The sunset is at 19h45-ish and I'm used to not eating anything past 19h00. Consequently, my stomach was very unhappy the first days and I would wake up feeling heavy and heavy and heavy and ugh.

 Plus with my tight sleeping schedule and the fact that I dislike eating at night, I had only the time to have one meal. Therefore, I had to make it count and it proved a bright healthy success.

Sprouted lentils stirred in olive oil and garlic, pumpkin sauted with parsley and mustard and cumin seeds, Rome tomatoes and pickles.

Avocado, onion and tuna salad, whole brown rice with lady's fingers and tomatos and garlic

Fried eggs, whole wheat bread and a salad of farmer's cheese, parsley, salad, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Nothing compared to the traditional Moroccan ftour table.

Jul 3, 2014

Le jour ou Gabriel s'est éteint, j'en avais fait une maladie pendant 15 minutes et je ne me suis pas rendue compte que je me suis endormie.

Voici qu’avait écrit l’écrivain Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Cent ans de solitude) quand il avait quitté la vie publique pour des raisons de santé (cancer):
« Si pour un instant Dieu oubliait que je suis une marionnette en chiffon, et qu’il m’offre un morceau de vie, je profiterais de ce temps le plus possible.
Je suppose que je ne dirais pas tout ce que je pense, mais en définitive, je pen
serais tout ce que je dis.
Je donnerais une valeur aux choses, pas pour ce qu’elles valent, mais pour ce qu’elles signifient.
Je dormirais peu, je rêverais plus.
Je crois que chaque minute passée les yeux fermés représente soixante secondes en moins de lumière.
Je marcherais quand les autres s’arrêtent, je me réveillerais quand les autres dorment.
Si Dieu m’offrait un morceau de vie, je m’habillerais simplement, me déshabillerais sous le soleil, en laissant nu non seulement mon corps, mais aussi mon âme.
Je prouverais aux hommes combien ils se trompent en pensant qu’on ne tombe plus amoureux en vieillissant, et qu’ils ne savent pas qu’on vieillit lorsqu’on cesse de tomber amoureux.
Je donnerais des ailes à un enfant, mais je le laisserais apprendre à voler seul.
J’enseignerais aux vieux que la mort ne vient pas avec l’âge, mais avec l’oubli.
J’ai appris tant de choses de vous, vous les hommes..
J’ai appris que tout le monde veut vivre au sommet de la montagne, sans savoir que le véritable bonheur réside dans la manière de l’escalader.
J’ai appris que quand un nouveau né serre fort de son petit poing, pour la première fois, la main de son père, il le retient pour toujours.
J’ai appris qu’un homme n’a le droit d’en regarder un autre de haut que pour l’aider à se lever.
J’ai appris tant de choses de vous, malheureusement, elles ne me serviront plus à grand-chose, car lorsqu’on me rangera dans ce coffre, je serai malheureusement mort.
Dis toujours ce que tu sens, et fais ce que tu penses.
Si je savais que je te vois dormir aujourd’hui pour la dernière fois, je t’embrasserais très fort et je prierais le Seigneur pour pouvoir être le gardien de ton âme.
Si je savais que ce sont les dernières minutes où je te vois, je te dirais : « je t’aime », sans présumer bêtement que tu le sais déjà.
Il y a toujours un lendemain et la vie nous donne une autre occasion de faire bien des choses, mais si jamais je me trompe et que je n’ai plus que ce jour, j’aimerais te dire combien je t’aime et que je ne t’oublierai jamais.
Le lendemain n’est garanti à personne, qu’il soit jeune ou vieux.
Aujourd’hui peut être le dernier jour où tu vois ceux que tu aimes.
N’attends pas, fais-le aujourd’hui, car si demain ne vient pas, tu regretteras sûrement de n’avoir pas pris le temps d’un sourire, d’une caresse, d’un baiser, car tu étais trop occupé pour pouvoir faire plaisir.
Garde près de toi ceux que tu aimes, dis-leur à l’oreille combien tu as besoin d’eux, aime-les et traite-les bien, prends le temps de leur dire « je regrette », « pardonne-moi », « s’il te plaît », et tous les mots d’amour que tu connais.
Personne ne se souviendra de toi pour tes pensées secrètes. Demande au Seigneur la force etla sagesse de les exprimer. Montre à tes amis et aux êtres chers combien ils sont importants pour toi.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Jul 2, 2014

Oh! There goes gravity

Jul 1, 2014

Someone might recognize it :D

At work doodling a certain someone's daydream :p.