Sep 27, 2014

Another WE

It turned out making a 1000 pieces puzzle helps in preparing for the GRE.

It does not.
And you don't finish it despite the combined efforts of three fully grown human beings.

Sep 22, 2014

I take "being genuinely kind" over "being nice" everyday, but they are making a good case for the butchered word here.

And I do believe we are fundamentally lonely, I also believe it doesn't have to be feared or glamorized. Some culture trend these are.

Just rip off its bandage

Sep 20, 2014

A breather

Here is another phase full of transitions

It's an omen and it's a cleanse thank you god.

Sep 17, 2014


Freshness yet again is in the air.

A pleasant encounter from work leads to extremely pleasant perspectives. Chance encounters with those who share potent conversations has been a peculiarity of my current workplace and I am extremely grateful for it

Thanks M.

Sep 15, 2014


The genius of Nostromo hits again :)

Sep 14, 2014

While doing the dishes

Geroch Tipler's main result out of his theorem is that the time dimension will be closed in a topology changing universe.

Maybe, he's not adopting an accurate geometric model for the universe then.

Maybe he doesn't look at it in a torus fashion, because in a torus fashion..

-"What are you thinking about? You're doing the dishes with a weird face."

 Dearly beloved friend,...

For once, I just followed Marquez's advice : you don't have to voice out everything you're thinking, but surely think what you're voicing out.

-"I was thinking about the little knowledge that I think I have."

Sep 13, 2014

Death By Pancakes

A Sunday morning among friends.

Sep 12, 2014

Social Stimuli

A stimulating conversation reminds me of Ishmael.

Here is to stimulating exchange.

Sep 11, 2014


Sep 10, 2014

An Inspiration II

Sep 6, 2014

That far week-end

A week-end that seems to belong to another life,with an old time close friend at the exotic gardens of Salé.

Sep 5, 2014

Tu veux venir vérifier ?

Je cède malgré le blasphème de JDG au sujet de FF VII.

Sep 2, 2014


I've never wanted to own the paintings of someone until him.