Dec 31, 2014

Bare Af Bear

Come on down to the Bare aff Bear 

Why have a penguin when you can have a bear?

Penguins are just birds that can't fly

Dec 29, 2014

In me...

Silmarillion over again, back to Arda. Yet in the cradle of my thoughts again.

My dear head, how did you come to forget how much my heart cherishes Mithrandir....

Dec 24, 2014

S'il vous plait, peux-tu me dessiner une ame

It's the soul inside of Guts himself that we all knew was there, but only Susumu Hirasawa was able to show us. Hirasawa did the one thing Guts couldn't do. He found the inner peace inside of Guts that the events of the Eclipse and Guts' shitty life in Midland has stolen from him. Frankly, it's no wonder this song is powerful.

Dec 20, 2014

Kara No Kyoukai

On Rewatch.

Dec 18, 2014

ما أنا إلا بشر

I ditched last german course. The teacher thought it a fair payback to make me translate some German lines to Moroccan dialect.

"Ich bin nur ein mensch.
Ich habe ein herz.
Du bist gefährlich.
Schau mich nicht an."

He hummed it and even sang it, but except for "heart", and the verb "to have", I didn't understand much.

Then it turned out it was the beginning of this notorious Moroccan song


Ich weiß nicht, was du weißt.
Du weißt nicht, was ich weiß.
Gott allein weiß...Was wir wissen und was wir nicht wissen.

Dec 14, 2014

Sohnia Mahiwal

We don't seem to change.

Way too far. Breathless and too energetic to even hover around memories with a clear mind.

Dec 13, 2014

Drunk on Tea

If a bee doesn't hover on my tea, something is wrong with it.
If my tea isn't sweet, the bee won't take a single chance with it.
So I end up asking for two glasses, one for me and one for the bees.
Then I remember why I wanted bees drinking from my glass in the first place.
My gawd I got too drunk on tea.

Dec 12, 2014

A Weapon of Choice

The Hobbit on rewatch
Etwas aus der dieses Mannes Fleisch schmiede:

Dec 6, 2014

Inside The Ebola Bubble, Outside The Human One

...Because in the middle of Ebola, you can't touch anyone.
It puts a physical distance between you and the world that no words can bridge.
And you feel that distance in your body, you feel it like you feel the smacking against a fat wooden poll pushing you away from the world.
I had never understood that it was qualitavetly different to say to someone "a pleasure to meet you" while you're holding on to a stranger.
I had never appreciated just how much groundwork was laid in the way I extend my hand, the strength in the length of a handshake.
Touch transforms everything and without I had also lost a skill.

Jina Moore