Nov 15, 2015

I chose to thank

I wonder if I feel pity, or horror, or gratitude because we're in era where it comes down to thanking someone for thinking of you as a human.

I'm not the only one that gets her humanity utterly forgotten and completely dismissed -although the idea of the many brings no comfort to me-: it's becoming more of an occurrence on different scales: starting from criminals, mentally ill to parents, homeless, autistic, simple strangers...

In the end, it is seldom that I get recognized as a human, so I choose to thank and be grateful when it happens.

And I choose to not forget it as well: I don't forget, especially when it's serious matters, my memory has a disciplined tight working. Besides, I'm nowhere around forgetting since I'm constantly confronted by the humanity around me so I don't forget people's humanity.

I hope I won't forget mine as well. I won't, I will make sure


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