Apr 29, 2015

According to Path

A gloomy sunset by Path.

Apr 26, 2015

Writing numb by social whirlpool of everyone's drama.
I'm starting to feel I'm the only one content and enjoying the ride in here

Apr 25, 2015

Whisper of the Heart

It's been a while since I rewatched this. It was on the loop during 2010's summer.
But there is a keen pleasure to watch it with a dear friend who never got around discovering the works of Ghiblis.

Apr 20, 2015

In a nutshell

Except for the calling part : If it's in my head, my hands follow with mayhem straight away right away...My mouth may come after and even speaking if someone asks questions.

God I'm so grateful, cussing fucking bloody grateful for everything.

And soon enough hopefully, verily, surely, loved ones' self-destruction and cowering will cease to get to me...At least this intensely. Dear Lord

Apr 19, 2015

When Marnie Was There

Apr 14, 2015

Tolkien in Deutsch

Drei Ringe den Elbenkönigen hoch im Licht,
Sieben den Zwergenherrschern in ihren Hallen aus Stein,
Den Sterblichen, ewig dem Tode verfallen, neun,
Einer dem Dunklen Herrn auf dunklem Thron
Im Lande Mordor, wo die Schatten drohn.
Ein Ring, sie zu knechten, sie alle zu finden,
Ins Dunkel zu treiben und ewig zu binden
Im Lande Mordor, wo die Schatten drohn.

Apr 13, 2015

Thanks, Zakarya

Back from nowhereland, he remembered and brought two with him.
Soccos and Cosonos


Apr 10, 2015

Casa you Spook

17h35 and the mist from the early morning is still hanging around.
Oh dear world.

Apr 9, 2015

To Soothe the heart

Soothe the stomach

Apr 6, 2015

-"The real war does not resemble the legendary war in its process or its conclusion. If it had inspired or directed the development of the legend, then certainly the Ring would have been seized and used against Sauron; he would not have been annihilated but enslaved, and Barad-dûr would not have been destroyed but occupied. Saruman, failing to get possession of the Ring, would in the confusion and treacheries of the time have found in Mordor the missing links in his own researches into Ring-lore, and before long he would have made a Great Ring of his own with which to challenge the self-styled Ruler of Middle-earth. In that conflict both sides would have held hobbits in hatred and contempt: they would not long survived even as slaves."

Apr 2, 2015

Stoker on rewatch

Because of these culprits