May 31, 2015

Through The Blue Jewel of the Mountain

 Sh...The Blue Jewel is sleeping.

 Chasing the dog

 Still chasing the dog

Where did that dog go?

 The layered shop of wonders

 This is so going in my book

 The Southern Tribes Emblems

Finally found the Blue Stairs

Let's steal the Artist's dog.

May 28, 2015

Treehouse of Horror XXXIV

The best couch gag of horror by far! Guillermo del toro is a-ma-zing!

May 27, 2015

Get a Hold of Yourself

I need to get it together and be done with the application already.

Or it's going to haunt my head and poison my writings for centuries.

For centuries.

May 25, 2015


My favorite fool and a pile of AWESOMENESS!


May 24, 2015

Breaking El Jadida

Khalid with my camera is priceless.
Specially with this kind of shots.
But those are my most favorite.
I cherish you guys.

And I madly wish to never forget any of it ever, I wish for it to play in the back of my head over and over again, just like FF VII OST, I wish for it to be above time and circumstances.

I hold on to these memories to never forget and to always and forever be grateful, and bask in the felicity of being grateful, of having as gorgeous people in my life as you, whether I reconnect with some or make new friendships with others.

My dear lord, I still can't believe I got to meet Banafsheh again.

May 16, 2015



May 11, 2015

Paranoïa Hysteria

Because Susumu is a genius of his own genre.

And so is Satoshi, rest in peace grand king.

May 8, 2015

you'll no longer fear when your heart's turned to gold.

And then you're going to wonder what is wrong with the world and possibly go around blaming someone else but yourself.

Those guys are speaking to me more and more sice 2013.

May 6, 2015

Raping the Replay Button

May 3, 2015

To remember

How simple it becomes the closer it gets.
The warmest times and the sharing of simple states of things: movies, places, blankets, weather, meals
and tea, as much as I can get in the system depiste the irksome sweetening.
Sweetness should be limited to the memory of this sole couple.