Jul 31, 2015

Just Chilling at 20°C

I'm definitely going back to Essaouiri for a writing escapade. But meanwhile, making the most of a dad's time.

That guy...It takes a saga of thirteen books and spinoffs to speak about this guy. I'm just going to shut up.

Jul 29, 2015


Or Rick's Frenzy, because I love the Rick! Man I Rick the Rick

Jul 26, 2015

The least you can do is be ashamed of your sex

I'm loving this show enough to lurk around for season 2 first episode tonight

Lo..Look! I'm trana' repair a po..portal gun with a bunch of sex toys parts and I have to do it with one hand to keep these bellushis to cut in you off...The least you can do is be ashamed of your gender..

Yada Yada

Jul 20, 2015



Jul 18, 2015

Ramadan is done

It wasn't hardcore enough this year. Yet it had a keen feel to it and I certainly intend on including fasting in my weekly routine.

Today is a Aid with no particular flashy colors, except the fading ones of the henna on my hands and the sober ones of my uncle's living room where I hung out for most of the day.

And tomorrow, I'm departing. And then departing, and then departing, and then maybe departing, and then departing, and then maybe departing...

I feel sleepy. Good night. But meanwhile, here is a more articulate piece on 2015's Ramadan.

Jul 16, 2015

With Qui

He has been pulling a face to the code. And I wanted to join in.


Jul 12, 2015

Rent Hunt 2015

I'm finding myself yet again looking for a new place or a new roomie in Grand Casablanca. By the end of August, I should be out, me and my early mornings, my loud voice, my love of solitude, my fridge filled with veggies, my energetic rythm and my constantly socially flowing life.

I can't complain about my old roomie. As far as her persona has allowed her, Path' managed to put up with me for a year.  An admirable number if you knew her and knew me.

But...Then again, I don't stay with people who bear with me, specially when I feel I'm more of a poison in their life than anything else. No need for heart sewers to be filled with much filth because of me then have it explode in my face, thank you.

And I'm no one's mom, for better or worse.

One story ends. One friendship probably too.

It doesn't feel sad. I'm rather relieved and grateful: I certainly don't complain when I make magnificent new acquaintances or reconnect with old ones. I won't complain therefore about letting go people and having clean radical breakups with them.

That's all I have to say about that.


Jul 10, 2015

Japan Expo AMV

It's been a while since Nostromo did something good, and ages since someone did something that caught my eyes.

This is killing it!

Besides, I've never watched this kind of shows. But I would definitely consider doing so if it was truly anime related.

Jul 8, 2015

Cheers to the Ftour by the beach

The company organized the annual collective ftour by the beach. Perfect time to try and slaughter my trainee,

Decide that I can give him a second chance,

Then realize that a full stomach can make me forgiving to the extent of drinking to his health and his long stay with my team.
It's the silly notes, not the serious ones that stick with me. Cheers buddy

Jul 4, 2015

Kuroko No Basuke

It's been a huge while since I watched a new anime.

So when a close friend speaks highly of one, states he has watched it eight times over again and offers to rewatch it with me on Skype, I choose to outrageously spend my week-end watching the bloody thing.

And it is so good I'm dying in my spot because I'm not done with it.

My sole comfort is that, unlike fucking bastardy HxH, this thing is done and wrapped up.