Nov 30, 2015


Sioveh's collaboration from Orion Mall, Bangalore.

Nov 22, 2015

The Theory of Everything

On rewatch. Superb.

Nov 20, 2015


Nov 17, 2015

Nov 16, 2015

The Serpent - الأميرة والثعبان

In the Princes/Princesses tradition, only one fairytale stuck to my mind and is dear to me : The Snake Prince, The Serpent by Giambattista Basile.

Maybe because I adore those reptiles. I remember that much as far as I can go back with my memory.

Nov 15, 2015

I chose to thank

I wonder if I feel pity, or horror, or gratitude because we're in era where it comes down to thanking someone for thinking of you as a human.

I'm not the only one that gets her humanity utterly forgotten and completely dismissed -although the idea of the many brings no comfort to me-: it's becoming more of an occurrence on different scales: starting from criminals, mentally ill to parents, homeless, autistic, simple strangers...

In the end, it is seldom that I get recognized as a human, so I choose to thank and be grateful when it happens.

And I choose to not forget it as well: I don't forget, especially when it's serious matters, my memory has a disciplined tight working. Besides, I'm nowhere around forgetting since I'm constantly confronted by the humanity around me so I don't forget people's humanity.

I hope I won't forget mine as well. I won't, I will make sure

Nov 14, 2015

This is a bad day to pick up retrogaming and the worst to launch an ongoing save of Bomberman.

Nov 12, 2015

I'm In the Zone

Kuroko No Basuke on rewatch, for the last time. The matches drain me man x_x

Nov 10, 2015

The Joy Luck Club

On Rewatch. I can't get enough of Amy Tan's writing or this movie's directing and cast.

My precious pearl necklace, which almost bought my heart and mind, was made out of glass

Nov 7, 2015

Scrivere OST

Nothing like a complex twisted light novel reminiscence to scream : SCRIVI SCRIVI SCRIVI

Nov 6, 2015

The thing with quoting from the Silmarillion is that I'll often and most likely end up quoting a whole page. Aside from my project manager and Qui, my entourage doesn't have the patience of it much. Pity for the gems within glitter every now and then, even when I'm not going through the saga for the Xth time.

And Iluvatar spoke to Ulmo, and said: “Seest thou not how here in this little realm in the Deeps of Time Melkor hath made war upon they province? He hath bethought him of bitter cold immoderate, and yet hath not destroyed the beauty of the fountains, nor of my clear pools. Behold the snow, and the cunning work of frost! Melkor hath devised heats and fire without restraint, and hath not dried up thy desire nor utterly quelled the music of the sea. Behold rather the height and glory of the clouds, and the everchanging mists; and listen to the fall of rain upon the earth! And in these clouds thou art drawn nearer to Manwe, thy friend, whom thou lovest.” The Ulmo answered: “Truly, Water is become now fairer than my heart imagined, neither had my secret thought conceived the snowflake, nor in all my music was contained the falling of the rain.