Jan 10, 2016


The ID Card is a must-have when you're out. Bank cards too, but on a less legal level and on a more financial one.

I happen to have lost those too often since I started living again in Casablanca. In the window of almost two years, I lost my ID card and bank ones four times.

1 : Back in 2014, while going to the beach with S. and O. for a breakfast at the beach, I lost my wallet in the sand. One week later, parents call to say they received a letter with my cards in them (because the address on my ID Card is the home address of my parents in my hometown). I had by then already stopped the bank cards and waited for new ones for a week.

2 : Back in early 2015, I went shopping with S. and was running around the rural area and playing idiot. I lost it. We looked up for the wallet in the streets for almost an hour. We finally found it. That day, I managed to make someone laugh very hard, then have an anxiety attack to finally bring her to a state of complete relief with some tears. It wasn't me, it was S.

3 : In Ramadan 2015, I was going around the administration of the neighborhood and dropped it because I simply forgot I had that damn wallet in my hand. I had to go back the next day after a full afternoon spent in the bank and the police departments (yes "s" because nobody wanted to take any responsibility for various idiotic reasons I'm not going to bother telling...Unless it's of some interest to someone...). When I came back the next day to get the papers, I asked them, just intuitively, if somebody found some wallet in here. I was given back my ID Card, but nothing else. I had to take half-a-day off work to cancel my bank cards and ask for new ones. It always takes one week and you have to go to YOUR agency to write the cancellation and ask for new ones -_-.

4 : which brings me to Wednesday. I was cycling furiously on bumpy roads trying to be done with errands to meet O. when I realized I had dropped the freaking wallet. I retraced, looked around, nothing. As the usual, I had to ditch work for a whole morning to go at the bank and cancel my cards then go to the police departments which again didn't help. In the afternoon, when I logged in at home, I found a generous message on LinkedIn and Facebook of a certain someone whose friend found my wallet and wanted to give it back. We met and that man gave me my wallet in hurry, not asking for anything in return and insisting that I check if I had everything there.

I was just too thankful for recovering the ID Card - it's an unbelievable hustle to make a new one, not to mention that I have to go back to my hometown for the procedure.

And I wasn't expecting to recover the money - I never do anyway.

Thank you then dear strangers! And May it be a reminder that good deeds aren't obliterated, and that I'm NEVER EVER TAKING THAT DAMN ID CARD WITH ME OUT AGAIN!


ChefNick said...

Keep everything separate. Don't keep a wallet. Put cards in a back pocket. Don't carry a purse. Don't carry it if you don't need it today.

Koroonful said...

Noted senseï! I'm officially keeping a wallet for coins only! My ID and bank cards are kept separate in my "school bag" ^^ I think it is the ultimate solution for someone with no pockets in her pants! Thank you senseï :3! I'm glad to see you around

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