Jan 26, 2015

Kino No Tabi On Rewatch

The edge of my fading memories, the far off, frozen, unreachable life,

In a crack, in the mirror that no one can hold

Seven broken doll sing silent tears of mud

Drain the maggots’ blood in the day that will never be returned,

And pierce the eyes with the briars of a clock

That crumbled to dust within seven days,


The cruel judge records the faded letters of my life..

Only a bird with broken wings can sing the truth


With light only silence


Death is frozen all the way to the edge of its molecules

While the night loves eternity,

at the same time it chops down desire with a stone axe

Drink up the pain of a brain being split open!


The twelve winter messengers who were washed ashore

The mirage above the piece of paper

The spent country made of glass

The corpse sings with a necklace of many, many tears on its breast

The duck’s shadow on the cliff where light has ceased to exist

Will the blameless traveler ever tell of this story?


When nineteen cold moons have crossed the sky

After the day of pronouncement, and the night has passed

The world will end with the rising of the sun,

What else can we do other than smash the green plate


The blue lamplight roams about.

In the jewel of the night, the fake empire will sink into the water…


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