Jan 26, 2016

Wolves and Foxes to each other

While discussing this movie with a friend, she told me that "general opinion has it this scene makes no sense at all". It was a mind-fuck opinion to me. She had to pull her smartphone and go through reddit posts and comments to prove to me how "general" it is indeed.

When I watched it the first time, I thought that replacing "wolf" with any strange notion seldom encountered authentically in real life can depict the lesson there.

Then, afterwards, when I watched that movie again, given the climate of race, religion, gender and all in all pieces of identity people are conflicted about, I thought it made sense also following this perspective, an even keener sense than actually facing and overcoming one's fear.

Wolves and foxes to each other, even if we speak English and Latin both of us, even if we answer each other's questions. Maybe it could actually complicate matters. Maybe a fist will be the ultimate solution. Maybe it's best each keeps to its territory. Maybe none should learn the language of the other and demistify the fear. Maybe many things...

I will never understand how someone can possibly not get it.


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