Sep 25, 2015

The Traveling Companion - الرفيق المجهول

From my youth until now, I have been trying unsuccessfully -because not hard enough- to collect all the Green Library stories: they're Arabic translations to danish/german/known fairytales in their authentic text (meaning, the little mermaid dies, Snow White is kind of dead...etc). But with comings and goings, I either give away some of them, or lose them or discard them..etc

But that's not the thing : I am intending to get the collection now.

The thing is I read fairytales in French and English too, but never encountered many that were in the Arabic translations. Moreover, it so happens my most favorite one and the dearest ones to me didn't figure in any of the latin material.

To top it off, there is no mention of the original source in the Green Library booklets.

It took me some time on the internet and a lot of word shuffling but I was finally able to trace my favorite one : the tale of the Travelling Companion by Hans Christian Andersen.

This tale echoed with me particularly, I would fail to give a clear and complete reasoning of why. But I still remember vividly how description of the gore, the whimsical, the fantastical and the mundane were fluid and poetic. To this day, I can still tell every word of this tale by heart.

I think I will try to look for the rest.


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