Apr 7, 2016

Finally Back to the Dojo

How I direly missed my black Dans, my other senseï and the disciplining of flow.
I sprained my ankle quite badly and had to give it at least six weeks rest. When I came back, I wasn't wearing the ankle support and hurt it again.

But finally, my foot is almost healed, my support always with me and my classes on my schedule again.

It was an overwhelming feeling to give up moving and sweating. I'm too used to it, would it be running through the workplace's corridor or cycling from a place to another. So having this time out made me appreciate just how much motion impacts my mood and gives me the 150% radioactivity level I'm used to.

And to think that I sprained my ankle for the first time in my life, not while trekking, hiking, cycling, fighting, strength building, burpeeing or running...But while walking in the morning with a clear head in the workplace.


nath's said...

Ankle, but also wrists and kness have a kind of MTBF. So yeak, you can break them without doing something extraordinary.
What i your level in Aïkido ? I was told you wear the hakama only when you have a certain level.
(I've done one year of Judo and this was such a remarkable experiment I dod not do any other martials arts since nearly 25 years)

Koroonful said...

That "Remarkable"!!! I'm curious now :D!!

Honestly, I don't know about this rule, but my case was ambiguous to start with anyway: this dojo is filled with black belts and people with at least five years of Aïkido on their count. I used to practice the art years ago and I practiced for four years, then I stopped for hectic schedule and lack of dojos. When I found this one about a year ago, I said I was knowledgeable but lacked practice and my sport's passport has expired.

So senseï put me at the beginner level but with the experienced class and I have been recovering the techniques with them but still in low kyu levels :D

Actually, it was the ligament that stretches too much and tore a bit. Doctor said it was serious but it would recover eventually. I'm finally able to bend completely my foot now ^^ and I'll be sure as Hell to pay more attention to my joints

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