May 21, 2016

Posing with my guinea pigs

One of those priceless opportunities where a friend can take pictures of me with my guinea pigs.

I don't care how un-guineapiggy I am. 

My friend said he'd picture me better with a sloughi on one hand and a Tibetan mastiff on the other. If I ever am to seek breeds instead of strays and spontaneous encounters with pets, I will take it into consideration, but with my history with animals, I already think I will go for the stray ones and the spontaneous encounters. The first guinea pig I adopted was a solitary grandpa ditched by his owner. Those were the last in the first petshop I found on the way.

My guinea pigs are almost four months now and still growing. Going on a trip with them proves exhausting, especially for week-ends at the parents. But all in all, when we're waiting for dad to come pick us up, we get the leisure of playing in the forest near my workplace and it is not an opportunity I can always provide to those lovely patient and fluffy creatures.

If I am to go abroad, I am definitely taking Zishlaw and Cauchy. 


nath's said...

ils sont mignons :)

Koroonful said...

oh oui :) et leurs mouvements et voix le sont encore plus. C'est dommage que tout compte fait, je vais devoir m'en séparer T_T

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