Dec 31, 2016

Thank you 2016

Shisho is grateful for 2016
2016 is....not to be summed up in a word, or a sentence, or a book.

All I can sum up is my gratitude for the Einstein's elevator paradigm of experiences throughout it.

Much was intense, on the extremes of the spectrum: the good of it, the bad of it, the terrific, the terrible...Little was mellow or tranquil and it was welcome as it was a very brief, but yet present breather between collercoaster's ride.

I am grateful for every bit of it, and amidst the suffering, Humankind's alienation and the canvas of dim colors and awful sensations, I am at awe at the little dots of colors and lines, however fine, of lively hues: our moments of joy: the beloved ones that were spared, the cherished ones that overcame their health issues, the close ones endowed with bravery and endurance to keep on fighting and moving forward, the inspiring ones that provide us with more content, the anonymous ones with uninterested acts of kindness, the hopeful ones still working for our world and the gone ones, wasted potential or fulfilled promises as they can be, be at peace.

And stay well and healthy, and endowed with inner fire dear reader.


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