Feb 29, 2016


#MakeDonaldDrumbfAgain, #MakeDonaldDrumbfAgain, #MakeDonaldDrumbfAgain, #MakeDonaldDrumbfAgain,

Feb 27, 2016

Woody Allen Marathon

He's the favorite of a friend. I agreed to a Woody Allen Marathon if he agreed to a Harmony Korine one.

And it's going on delightfully so far.

Feb 22, 2016

On Rewatch


Either that or go through the manga over again, which I so don't have any time for. Plus, the trilogy is nice hmmm... nice hmmm...

My first Urasawa, one of my earliest readings, a pioneer of its kind, and after all those years, still hasn't lost its potency, message or charm.

Feb 19, 2016

On rewatch

To blow off the steam, North and South on rewatch. My favorite period drama by far.

Feb 18, 2016

On Rewatch

There is a thing a close friend does: he launches a series or a movie in his tv as background noise and works. I, on the other hand, tend to find comfort in the coffeeshops' noises and usually go there when I need background noises

Given that I hurt my ankle and have to stop running, cycling, aïkido and basically every motion involving my left foot, I have to keep to my room as much as possible and be comfortable. Therefore, I tried to take to rewriting and running through my drafts using this technic.

It proved a failure: I did not write much. But I got to rewatch many things!

Coffeshop at the corner it is, I'll take a cab to go 500meters.

Feb 15, 2016

The Frenzy of Writing

My dear self,

If I finish the draft of the next short story THIS MONTH, I get to buy two new books and one of them can be an old read.

Love always,

Feb 13, 2016

Rooting for Eddie Redmayne

I hope he gets an oscar. I think he has a knack for playing the emotionally strung characters struggling against their bodies with courage. The whole process takes life before me.

Also, I kind of bet Leo won't get the oscar with a bunch of colleagues and friends, and it will be tricky to honor all the bets...Dear God, I'm sorry for wasting time on such small stupid things x_x.

Feb 10, 2016

I Need to Post about Kevin

It was about time I read the book.

I don't feel the urge of going through it again. And for the first time since I learned "extol" and "lackadaisical" less than two years ago, somebody actually used them in writing. Lionel seems keen on elaborate vocabulary.

Feb 9, 2016

The Luxury of Gazing at The Moon

I think I've outgrown 1Q84: As I'm going through it once more, I don't feel the usual feeling of having to go through it again. It either sunk deep enough within me, or no longer resonates with me.

It happens, and I'm grateful that I still feel the urge of going over Hard-Boiled within.

“It was a cruel world though. More than half of all children died before they could reach maturity, thanks to chronic epidemics and malnutrition. People dropped like flies from polio and tuberculosis and smallpox and measles. There probably weren't many people who lived past forty. Women bore so many children, they became toothless old hags by the time they were in their thirties. People often had to resort to violence to survive. Tiny children were forced to do such heavy labor that their bones became deformed, and little girls were forced to become prostitutes on a daily basis. Little boys too, I suspect. Most people led minimal lives in worlds that had nothing to do with richness of perception or spirit. City streets were full of cripples and beggars and criminals. Only a small fraction of the population could gaze at the moon with deep feeling or enjoy a Shakespeare play or listen to the beautiful music of Dowland.”

Feb 5, 2016

Angst Isst die Seele Auf

What the fuck did I just watch?
How does it rank so well on rottentomatoes?
Is it because of this director's life?
What the fuck did I just watch? Can I unwatch?

For fuck's sake, I just wanted to watch authentic German production and listen to some German.
I will be in a corner, rewatching the Hobbit to oblivion...Hopefully.

Feb 2, 2016

The Six Swans - البجعات المتوحشات

The helpless/silent sufferer/bearer/victim role doesn't resonate with me. Material bringing up such protagonists never appealed to me. This is why The Swan Princess was a source of disdain and only gained recognition in my view with The Black Swan movie starring Natalie Portman.

All that to say that this story might not have been my cup of tea if it wasn't for the few reasons behind the silence of the princess and the whimsical parts of the tale.

The Six Swans by the Grimm Brothers has a princess running around graveyards, collecting nettles and looking out for her swan brothers while falling in love and whatnot. Awesome!