Oct 25, 2016

الله يرحمك

Oct 19, 2016

I need to get it together

Oh yes, I walked on on stuttering foot, everyone around stranger.
I was deceived into a gamble, lost all the way and I'm broke.
Deprived of everything and cast away penniless.
Hey, dance, dance, over such a silly story.
Tell me where to go, I asked again and again.
They said "there," I went there, "this way," I came this way.
 Oh, what a surprise, I've arrived at the middle of a river-bush.
 The river blocks me from going;
hey, dance on, it's a silly story.

Oct 6, 2016

Safety Blanket I

Thunderstorms alert. No meetings. Stay safe in your place. Try to reconnect with some old basic and beautiful game and try not to think about homework, dead overseas, super fried food in your stomach, exams and fatigue.