Mar 8, 2017

Comes with looking too much into vibration

God damn it, why can't I do thesis on everything I want and learn everything I want?

I guess I can do that to my heart content if I really want to. I just have to at some point or I'll run crazy.

In high school, through philosophy I fell hard for mechanics. I got into mechanical engineering because of my continued passion for motion. Then, due to the nature of my work, it was motion as in dynamics and kinetics, and motion as in statics and matter.

When I was applying for the Fulbright, it was my drive to dive into the concepts of motions and advance in the theoretical aspect of presenting it that gave the general tone to what I aimed to study.On the other hand, my projects spoke extensively of a yearning for continuum mechanics and more insight on matter and the new technologies of process.

I ended up in the USA with micromechanics as a main driver. I was glad on the scientific scale.

This semester however, I am taking Vibration. I studied that material in preparatory classes, then in engineering school, but didn't use it very extensively in my work and I forgot how electrified it made me. But now I remember.

I look at my advisor and microstructures and fractals on one hand, and look at Vibration and motion and fundamentals in the other, and cuss and whine over the crappiness of being a monotasker, over having one heart and one life and over the several commitments I am already in.

So, I'm left with moments where I go through similar materials and hope one day, I will be at that sweet spot in my head where I will just read what I want to read without whining about it and looking into priorities and whatnot.

On the other hand, I'm in a writing frenzy and I am slowly catching up on movies. By far, excellent surprises.

Good come back of M. Night Shyamalan, glad to see you back sir!

Excellent and difficult to label, but all I know is:

-First time I ever attend a movie session where people scream and shout and interact this much with the movie's events.
-I managed to have goosebumps and laughs at the same time.
-I also had a 'fuuuuuuuuuck' moment and felt so bad only to start laughing hysterically at the very next moment.

Not Ghost In The Shell mind-fuck material but delightful and entertaining time in the movies.

Mar 3, 2017

Dancer in the Dark

I remembered the content of my first Lars Von Trier. But I didn't know the director by then.
I just remember that it was the first foreign movie that ever made my mother cry and that I felt deeply about.
I found it playing on the background of my studies amidst Fourier and writing.
Damn, the feels

That Limbo mood